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I'm Babatunde Odutola. I Am an Author of Incredible Books. I create nonfiction and fictional works, and short stories of Metaphysical Theme. Add over 20 million words In Business Writings since 1995, methinks I'm about to begin my writing sojourn.

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The Intended Basis of My Nonfiction Works

I observe, study, research, codify and write nonfictional works that defy the norms of falsisms, baseless assumptions and false perceptions. I attempted, with my works, to lay bare garnered truths, discovered facts as observed...read more

Of My Fictional Works: Incredibles Made Tangible

With my fictional works, I dream, a great lot. I dream all manners of dreams; daydream, nightdreams, nightmares, daymares, et al., some, unspeakable. I comingle some of my dreams with the life-creating catalyst of imaginations;... read more

Of My Short Stories: Born Of, And For, Fun, & More

Sometimes, the monsters that rule my mind and bend prevailed for a short window of time. I snitched about these monsters of my mind and bend somewhere else on this site. However, when they ruled, their sole appeasement are words; read more

My Nonfictional Works Featured

My Nonfictional Works Were Forged From The Anvils of Truths, Knowledge, Observable Facts, and Of Practical Coloration.
These Works Are Carved Into Three Separate Series as Presented Below. They Are My Attempts, Albeit Tentative,
At Expressing My Life Purpose, Which Is to: "Assist Others Attain Their Own Life Purposes".

Life Domination Series

My “Life Domination Series” Works Are Written After Years of Careful Research and Study About the Frightening Subject Called “Life”. I Attempted to Address What I Considered the Fundamental ...Read more

Social & Leadership Series

My “Social & Leadership Series” Works Actually Blazed the Trail of My Journey Into Authoring. These Are Researched Works That Could Assist The Prosperity, Wellbeing and Harmony of Families, Groups and Societies. Read more

Finance & Wealth Series

My “Finance & Wealth Series” Works Were Written With a Viewpoint to Offer Factual and Effective Data That Are Critical to Aid the Appreciation of The Warped Economic System We Created and Operate. Read more

My Fictional Works Featured

Strangely, My Metaphysical Fiction Works Evolved From My Nonfiction Works. Way Back Further,
When I Was But 16 and I Made My Tentative Attempts At Writing,
I Ventured On The Rough, Strange and Sweet-sour Path of Fiction.
Then, Even Though Comprehension Was in Abeyance, Interest Was Much Enlivened.

The Time Thief & Wood-God Of The Forest Of Lives

This Story Was Crafted to Stretch the Mental, Emotional, and beingness Imaginations of Lovers of Extra-dramatic... Read More

Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked by Love

Have You Ever Met a Sorceress Who Was Ever 20-ish, For Counting on 300 Years? Meet Demi, and Know a Phenomenal Witch, her Sorrows and Joys, and Demise (?). Read More

Demi II: The Evolution of the HumAnoubis

Demi Returned!
She Returned as a Young Man of Unearthly Knowledge and Means, Bent to Transform Humanity into An Ancient Extraterrestrial Race... Read More

Anthology of Short Metaphysical Stories

This is a Collection of My 'Metaphysical' Short Stories, Woven Into a Wholesome Form. This Anthology is a Host of Amazing Gems of Numinous, Intriguing, Yet Believable Yarns...More

Authoring Resources

If You Cared, or Care, To Write, and Feel You Need Help (which is a fallacy of the truth), or Publish Your Works, Click Here For Some Resources I Have Found Beneficial.

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    I Am, Ergo, I Write

    I'm Babatunde Odutola. Welcome to a small, but vital, portion of my life, and living too. I Write. I obey my own rules in this aspect of my life and living. However, I do not trudge on any human and humane ideal, idea or soul.
    Otherwise, I am...

    My Nonfiction Works can be classified as metaphysical in the sense that I attempt to describe what I know in and from ways and angles divergent of awareness and perception that are beyond easy observation. Sometimes, a little way beyond. But, I yet tender tenable truths and facts, with practical wings to attain desired endeavors.

    Miss not my business writings, too. With over 20 million words and almost 25 years, I produce some the highest quality business documents.

    My Fictional Works follow in similar hue as my Nonfiction Works. Only I twist and convolute facts, sprinkle some fallacies here and there, admix large portion of imaginations, pour some clean and nightmarish dreams, and enwrap all with the translucent garb of truths, all aimed at rendering and tendering new and fun realities. Read Author's Bio

    Babatunde Odutola

    Member of The Internet Defense League

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