A Creator of Fortune or Misfortune, Are You?

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Fortune and Misfortune

We are the creators, the carriers, the distributors, and sufferers of every misfortune, ill-luck, and every undesirable conditions that exist in our lives and world.

So are we the creators of all the good, beautiful, wondrous, inspiring, and revolutionary thoughts and initiatives we experience in life.

It is said in some religious scriptures that the power of the tongue can do and undo things.

However, unless we define the “tongue” as thought the admonition will be incorrect as we need not speak out our thoughts for heaven or hell to rein in our lives and world.

Our thoughts are without boundary, without restrictions, without mass, without time. They don’t bow to the gods of language, or location. They don’t give any cognizance to individuals of any creed, race, gender, age, physical, psychological, or any other divisive factors that we use in our playing of the game of physical life and living.

Our thoughts are nonmaterial, of zero wavelength, of extra-universal nature, the closest non-physical force to that we ourselves are, natively.

Therefore, when we think a thought, the thought is in the past, as it's in the present, and concurrently in future. Why? Our thoughts don’t obey the laws of time or any other laws of physics – which are laws that regulate the physical universe.

Our thoughts are the progenitors of all our emotions, deeds, and the things we have – both those of which we want and those we abhor; those that we derive joy and happiness and satisfaction, and those that we extract torment, poverty, illness, and suffering from.

From the above, we can observe that nothing “gives" us joy or pain, but that we are the ones who extract joy or pain from our thoughts, emotions, actions, and those things we have, and those other beings such as we emanate to us.

Misfortune and Fortune, and their siblings, including Chance, Fate, Destiny, et al are conceived and birthed, bread and buttered, dished and eaten, digested and absorbed and excreted by the use with which we deploy our thoughts.

Negative thoughts births illnesses or aberrations of the mind, emotions, physical, and social.

We need to cease to ask from wither our fortunes originate, once we have a quiet look into the nature of our thoughts. And, conversely, the undesirable and unwanted conditions that surround us cannot be done or undone by any force in and beyond the universe other than their creator – You and I!

For those of us who are religious, we will see the truth of the above statement when we wear the telescope or microscope (whichever suites our condition) of self-discovery.

Ask of yourself why you were asked to “believe”; why you were asked to “pray”. These are means by which we create and emanate thoughts for something to happen or for something to cease to happen - believe, prayer. The reason we are enjoined to believe and or pray is that it is us who harbor that actual spiritual powers to create and destroy in this physical life - powers that lie in our thought, deep within us.

The failure of our medical science lies herein. The fine, educated, and experienced doctors discarded the only truly potent force of life, of healing, of destruction – our thoughts – and depend upon mechanical and artificial chemical means to cure (an abandoned concept) or successfully manage illnesses and diseases and other physical and emotional traumas which are  created and nurtured primarily by our thoughts. How failure stares at us, with severe grimness.

For you and I, we must endeavor to reset our mindset toward positive thinking, seeing some or one positive factor in the worst of situation, to admire the positive over the negative, to put thoughts of happiness, brilliance, goodness, friendship, and to affirm or pray, in the positive into everything and everyone in ourselves, our environment and lives. When praying or wishing or affirming, we should endeavor to ask for That Which We Desire and not what we don’t want, etc.

For it is in the above principles that the banishment of misfortune and the embracement of fortune, good health, abundance, and creativity lie.

Babatunde, signing off!

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