About Me, Well, My Logo

Logos are used to represent the central idea or ideas of an organization or individual in a graphical, simple, yet understandable way. Mine follow the same tradition, and is hereby clarified.

Theta Works Reawaken Life, Human spirit

What is it about me? I write, that’s all. Oh, probably not all.

Let me fill you in on the numinous logo above, and on the site head.

I like simple things, really. But, sometimes, finding a single item symbol to tell a secret or story may be hard. I wanted to show, with symbol, what my writings are about. So, I make this logo.

Yeah, well, let’s look at the logo, starting from within. We, I see, an open tome, book. Do you? Of Course, you do. Okay, that simply show the obvious; that it represents the end product of a wordsmith.

Below the tome is the website address: myauthoreum.com. And what's "authoreum"? Simply put, its a "author's workshop". The suffix, "-eum' was extended from its "arena" role to "workshop" . You know, we writers do the dandiest things to words and languages more than any other?

Alright. What are those little, irregular sized symbols flowing off the book? You do know the sign of theta, right? That’s the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet. And, of course, it has meanings more significant than its assigned role of representing an alphabet in the writings of the Greeks.

"Theta" represents “thought”, “spirit”, “life”. It has been used for hundreds of years by mathematicians and philosophers.

The “theta” sign represents the subject matter or genre of my writings. I write about “thought”, “spirit”, “life”, be it in my nonfictions, fictions or short stories. The central theme of my work is tightly tied to these essences of our living and interaction, and us.

Next item surrounding the outward and upward flowing signs of “theta” from the book is a solar eclipse. An eclipse, particularly solar eclipse, spooks, right? If you have experienced a thoroughly magnificent one, you must have been in the embrace of something extra-human, extraordinary.

For me, the eclipse represents the end of a cycle, for life, light; darkest point, lowest point, in life or any life activity, during the day.

However, mine is not a full, dead, eclipse. It is an opening, birthing eclipse; an eclipse that’s announcing the birth of a new cycle. You see the bursting sunlight? It’s blazing hot, searing, illuminatingly harsh, livid, life.

Do we, as humanity, have the hope of reversing the insanity, poverty, hate, divisions, war and ignorance et al ravaging our planet and life, as a species?


The birthing Sun, the ended eclipse, ululates that! (I love that word, ululate. It sounds African, melodious and sweet!) Even though ululate means to 'wail', I guess one can wail beauty, melody, harmony, love, life, right?

Continuing, the outermost ring represents the beauty in everything human, particularly, the human spirit, notwithstanding its travails in the darkness it created for itself. Suffice that humanity is aesthetic, beautiful, rhythmic, melodious, harmonious et al, and wondrously amazing so.

In the final analysis, my logo says I write and disseminate “theta” works which are dedicated to assist the rebirth of life in the aesthetic human spirit.

Thank you, beautiful spirit.

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