Babatunde Odutola's Bio

Here I Give You A Summary View Of My Antecedents. Although A Partial Rendition Of My Person, Abilities, Capabilities, Knowledge, Skills, Experiences And Associations, You'll See A Little Of Who Babatunde Odutola Is.

Welcome To My Personal World

I am Babatunde Odutola, a solution provider of a unique class with the wherewithal of fundamental and functional knowledge, presence and prowess of mind, cognate and invaluable experiences, deep insights and passion to craft effective solutions to critical personal, business, project and social proposition.

I live around and toward the attainment of very finite and vibrant goals of spiritual beingness, social harmony, and economic prosperity. I have an uncommon education and mentorship background in applied philosophy, management technology and financial systems which define my unique perspectives, ideas, and ideals.

For over 25 years, I have designed, lead and provided business and project consulting services, including PPP and JV advisory, and human capital development, self-improvement, and counselling to variety of clients across the socioeconomics of Nigeria and beyond.

I have written thirty-five (35) - and counting - Social, Leadership and Self-development works wrapped under: “Social & Leadership Series”, “Finance & Wealth Series” and “Life Domination Series”. I have also written several fictional works under the “Metaphysical Fiction Series”, and “Short Metaphysical Stories”. My published work, “How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit” was published in November 2018. My latest completed Work, “Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Disability and Failure”, which publication is being solicited through your publishing company, is the 6th of the “Life Domination Series”.

The number one reason why I am best placed to write the works and stories I am writing in that I am a natural learner; I read. I read wide, deep, and multidimensional. I read without the discrimination of religion or any other factor of bias. I read across histories, civilizations, disciplines, and more. I have read the most popular and not-so-known religious scriptures, philosophers, scientists, sages, geniuses, prodigies, politicians, social engineers, and so on. I have read works, including those of the hues of the ‘forbidden City of China’; truths and factual works of philosophy, science, religion, business, economy, politics, history et al., and works of fictional characters of science fiction, fantasy, poetry, romance, plays, horror, comics (ya!) …ah, whatever and most everything readable.

Secondly, my education and life interests are centered on how to assist people to achieve their life purposes. These interests have driven me to look elsewhere than humanity’s past and current modes of social governance and the development of the individuals, for effective ideas and practices.

I discovered that there is something hindering the full and sane expressions of the divine powers and abilities of the human being. I also discovered the basic axioms of life; axioms that debunked the reigning fallacies of “Man is a beast”, “Man is mud”, “Man is evil” theories with which humanity administers its societies. The essential factors of these discoveries are the eyes with which I look at life, my fellow human beings, and our sundry life activities.

Thirdly, as a business and project consultant and counsellor who is in unceasing and close communication and interaction with all manner of people; the godly good, the sheep, and the not-so-godly-good, I sure know a little of what I and my fellows need to make a better world. My nonfiction works, like the fictions, are designed to assist in bringing about a harmonious, prosperous and sane society where individuals may dare to dream, and aspire to attain their ultimate, self-determined, best.

Let me say here that I'm a surreptitiously curious and inquisitive person, by nature, training and tendency. I'm never obviously curious, certainly.

Well, I am a writer, and a budding author.

One the business writing sphere, I have written several manuals for organizational management, technical and human capital development, corporate structure manuals, training manuals and so on. Some of these works are being used to run successful organizations and better people’s ability to reach their goals.

On the fiction and nonfiction spheres, I have written thirty-five (35) (and counting) social, finance, family, leadership, personal development and fiction works, with some undergoing the publishing process. The nonfiction parts of my works are wrapped under: “Life Domination Series”, “Social & leadership Series” and “Finance & Wealth Series”.

My “Life Domination Series” include works such as “How To Overcome Fear & The Fearful”, “How To Create & Enhance Self-Confidence”, “Power, Money, Ability: A Theory Of Life Domination”, “How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit”, and “A Way To Affirm Your Greatness”. These works were written between 2014 and 2017.

The “Social & leadership Series” boasts of “Fundamental Principles of Leadership”, “My Family Manual: The Natures Of The Family, Health & Problems”, “The Perspectives Of Astropos: A Philosophy Of Livingness”, “Urging Mankind’s Sentient For The Resurgence Of Humanity”, and "Forgive 'Yourself' Foremost" . These works were written between 2004 and 2020.

The “Finance & Wealth Series” has only one book, for the time being. “What Is Money, And How To Plan Your Wealth” was written in 2015, and is aimed at presenting an alternate viewpoint to the subject of money, economics and planning.

My fictional works are wrapped under “Metaphysical Fiction Series”, “Metaphysical Lyrical Novels” and “Metaphysical Short Stories”. My Metaphysical Fiction Series’ works include: “The Time Thief & The Wood-God of the Universe of Lives”, “Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love”, “Demi II: Evolution Of The Humanoubis”, and “The Sun-being and Xix’s Dolls Galactic Empire”, and counting.

My “Metaphysical Short Stories” comprised several short stories, including: “Pheromone Fury”, “Two Deaths Made By Love”, “Through The Spider’s Vortex”, “Stuck In Two Dimensions”, and “An Interplanetary Empire’s Ghostship’s 3.5 Millennia Mission”, and counting.

My “Metaphysical Lyrical Novels” is birthing its first offspring in a lyrical novel about the cycle of life.

On My Overall Background, Knowledge, Skills and Capacity: I am a solution provider of a unique class with the wherewithal of fundamental and functional knowledge, presence and prowess of mind, cognate and invaluable experiences, deep insights and passion to craft effective solutions to any personal, business or social challenge. I am a seasoned Project Designer, Corporate Structure and Infrastructure Development Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the project management, corporate structuring/development and human capital design, development and audit.

I have been CEO of several companies, including MetroSculpters Consulting, and Chairman Eagle's Height Properties & Investment Limited. I provide strong, purposeful leadership, clear focus and capacity for creativity and productivity. My leadership capacity and works have helped several failing companies regain lost verve and return to the path of success, and successful ventures better their levels of achievements and expand their reach towards their goals.

I am a skilled and resourceful strategic and tactical planner. I possess the ability for clear thinking through strategies and programs. With high proficiency for proffering effective solutions to knotty business and social situations, I have helped clients resolved several knotty business, organization and personal issues. I have very strong implementation stamina. I am result-oriented with the ability to maintain focus on vision and mission.

Over the past quarter of a century, my employment, entrepreneurial, management, governance and consulting services, I have gained a wide range of divergent, but in‐depth knowledge, experiences and skills in the areas of leadership, business writing, financial modeling, organizational development, human capital development, governance and strategic management. I have unique insight into effective project initiation, design, management, audit and support with value for money as benchmark.

I have recruited hundreds for companies and organizations and have, over 1999 to 2002 conducted institutional analysis of over 150 organizations for management and process adequacy and effectiveness, determining needs and formulating programs to remedy inadequacies.

One of my key areas of strength is a very strong capacity and experience in training, training curriculum/program design, and training infrastructure development. I have experience in coaching MBA students through courses, term papers and projects. I have provided training and counseling services in ethics, study methodology and analytical processes.

I have also designed and implemented training programs for business‐people, SMEs, entrepreneurs and others on diverse subjects as software operation, software development, business management, smart card system operation, marketing and sales, and so on. I have helped several people attain increased and sustained ability to learn, venture into business and social development activities, and overcome personal, familial and business challenges.

I established Leadership Development Technologies Africa in 2004, and transformed into iAnubis International in 2016 to accommodate some modifications vital for effectiveness. iAnubis International delivers counseling, wealth creation, social leadership and outward-bound related activities to aspiring leaders.

With background in Applied Philosophy, Management Technologies and Financial Management, I have an excellent appreciation for corporate structure, finance and management, in addition to international experiences, having worked with and consulted for organizations such as: • Smart Applications Systems Limited, UK/USA • Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, USA • International Business Initiatives IBI • Weidemann Associates, USA - USAID Implementing Partners • CardBASE Technologies Ireland • Thyron Technology Ireland (via Smart Application Systems Ltd) • USAID Office Transition Initiatives - USAID/OTI Inlaks Computers Limited, Lagos • Negotiation & Conflict Management Group, Lagos • The Lagos Multi‐Door Court House, LMDC, • CrestHill Engineering Limited, • Rovaty Aviation Limited, • and several others.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2000 when I established Theta Solutions & Technologies Limited to provide business and technology consulting services to companies and public organizations.

I co‐founded Africa Capital & Business Support Limited; a company offering high‐valued finance sourcing consulting services to companies worldwide. I also co‐founded Synappse UK Limited, a full-fledge ICT firm with focus for hosted applications and communications service offerings. We blazed the train in College Portal design in Nigeria.

I established MetroSculpters Limited to provide personal, familial, business and project consultancy services in the specific areas of Real Estate Joint Venture Advisory, Public-Private Partnership - PPP - and High-end Infrastructure development Advisory, Business Planning, Financial Modeling, Business Case Development, Feasibility Studies, Human Capital Development, and ancillary services.

I am currently, and through, assembling and promoting my writings, and establishing myself as a prolific published author.