Of the "Theme" of My Writings

The grand subject matter of all my works is rooted in the extraordinary, of the natures and kinds that are rare. I have read a great deal, and I found works in the colors of mine, rarely. My works have clear messages of truths, all. And it's my intention to deliver the messages in their true colors, themes, and subject matter, pure.

For "theme", I do Metaphysical

As for "theme", every creator, be they of words, rhythm, sculpture, painting etc., have the right to their expressions, types, form, coloration. "Theme" can be referred to as "genre", but doesn't have to be. There can be several "themes", and probably are, in a specific genre.

However, and loosely speaking, "theme" is genre. It is the classification of writings into seemingly similar subjects. I say "seemingly" because the diversity of ways of handling a subject can cause the subject to be so different that a genre may not properly enclass.

For other writers or aspiring writers reading this, please, note that one is not forced or constrained to write into a genre. However, it is well and good, and beneficial to write into a genre so it is easy for your works to be found by readers.

If you are a weird one, like I am, please, write with little regards to any rule, injunction, 'successful models' or advice.

Most of the greatest writers in history were nonconformists. They simply obey the inner laws, ways and means which deliver joy and pleasantness at the penning of forged words. And, they created 'themes', 'styles', 'languages'. They were 'civilizing', well, and destructive influences, too.

Of course, there are commercial writers amongst us. These writers write to the rules etc. made for them by the almighty critics and 'dictators' of their genres.

There are no credible reasons beneath and beyond the Sun, Moon, stars why one couldn't be a great commercial writer, none.

Except one: does it please you, the soul?

Otherwise, one is nothing but slave to fake words. Words that hound only money, like ever-famished hyenas hound any meat; livingly strong, deathly ill, cold dead or tattered rotten.

As for the "theme" of my works, it was and is at the dictate of the following factors:

1) the most ancient and current of my memories, as I embrace;

2) the most impinge-ful and impactful of my childhood fancies, dreams and desires;

3) my philosophical, mental and emotional bends; and lastly;

4) my educational, cultural and personal outlook of life.

After months of endless searches for "suitable" genres for my works, and not finding any, I harbored my boat of adventure, and settled for metaphysical to embrace them all; nonfiction, fiction, and the short stories.

By metaphysical, I mean "beyond the physical, extra ordinary".

And all my works wear the garbs, adorn the colors, ring the tunes, and speak metaphysical in such tongues that deliver clean understanding.