The Real Problem with Nigeria – the Factor of Responsibility of the Individual

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The Failures of the Past Generations in Bringing About the Problems with Nigeria Parents and other do-gooders love to assault us to “do the right thing”, “grow up”, “be good”, “be moral” etc. Their intensions were always good. But those words were, and still, mere words without any substance or real significance. Virtually all children came off parenting unable to …

Anatomy of Traps – Part Two

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Anatomy of Traps – Part Two Notwithstanding the seeming plurality of sources of traps, all sources of trap are amenable to similar remedy. Gautama Siddhartha, otherwise known as Buddha, a great and extraordinary being like you and me, enjoined us a remedy to handle the body. This remedy, I think, can also apply to disentangling oneself from the numerous sources …

Anatomy of Traps – Part One

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Anatomy of Traps – Part One What is a trap? First, let’s define what we mean by Trap. A trap is any condition or thing, person or entity that 1) prevents one from being, doing, having, receiving, giving, perceiving, moving, stopping, changing, starting, etc. one’s or other’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, matter, energy, space, time, conclusions, possessions, etc. when one wants …

Resources for the Author

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These are some of the points of experience in my writing career. Having written over 20 million words in Business Writing and almost 2 million in fiction and nonfiction works, I have found these injunctions valuable and beneficial.

The Life Purpose of COVID-19

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COVID-19A Virus With Heinous Reaper Attitudes    It is said that in the realm of infectious diseases, a pandemic is the worst-case scenario. When an infectious epidemic spread beyond a country’s borders and ravage other nations, that’s when the infection officially becomes a pandemic. Humanity has been combating communicable diseases from the beginning of time. Evidences abound of infectious diseases …

Learn How to Write Like a Master

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L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Online Workshop – My Wins, and Advise One ordinary morning as I advanced out of my bed to meet the new day, I grabbed my phone – a device that act as my assistant in handling my communications with the world, and some computer-capable work. I carefully scrutinized the few email and other …

How Not To Die – Excerpt 1

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ABOUT “HOW NOT TO DIE” The prime and exclusive focus of this work is hinged on the reawakening of the native awareness of ‘Self’… spirit, you, exclusive of bodies. This work is not written to proffer solutions to endless living for the body – a creation that must end its lifecycle. I aim to assist thee and me to reach …

How To Create & Live With A Ghost II

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Screechings, Storms, and Words of Understanding Okay, let me welcome you to the second part of the How to Create and Live With a Ghost series. Remember where we stopped at the last post? Well, let me take up what happened next with ‘my’ ghosts.Here You Are…Okay, let me welcome you to the second part of the how to create …