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Welcome to part 20 of the MetroSculpters Consulting Actionable Business Advice Series.

With the knowledge of the mastery formula given in the last four email series, it is expected that life is becoming more meaningful, understandable, and easier for you and your business.

Today, we are going to start a mini-series like the mastery formula – the KRC, on Management and Organizing Systems.

Every successful, sustainable, resilient, expanding, and prosperous organization has a go-to tool for success in a Standard Management and Administration System.

The standard management and administration (or organizing) system, basically consists of:

1. defining what to do and doing it; which is management, and

2. the getting and making available those things necessary to do what is to be done; which is administration or organizing.

No organization, social or economic, can succeed for long, less become resilient and prosperous which does only management in the absence of administration or organizing, which is the practice in the vast majority of organizations. And likewise, none will succeed if efforts are only applied to administration or organizing things to be done without doing them. Both management and administration (or organizing) are the core essentials of the effective management of any organization.

The success of the Company lies in the acquisition, attentive study, clear understanding, conscious knowing, regular and patient practice, applying to specifications, and the continuous repetition of a Standard Management and Administration or Organizing System.

the Ratio of resource application.

In new or newly organizing entities, the ratio of performance of management and organizing (or administration) is 50% of time and resources applied to getting things done that will affect the drive to the attainment of the goals of the organization, and 50% time and resources applied to the having of those things vital to do what needs to be done.

So, one half of the day is applied to manage or execute vital things like sales, accounting, etc., and the other half is applied to organize or administer the organization, like training, mentoring, filing, communication center setup, etc. Organizing or administration is vital for the organization to be stronger, smoother, more effective, and more efficient.

Number one essential to know about organization.

The very first essential thing to know is that an organization, like everything in life, is that an organization is composed of parts. The knowledge of the basic parts of a thing is a necessity for its building, operation, and maintenance.

Otherwise, one would be like a mechanic who has no idea of the parts of a car and desires to fix it. Well, the mechanic will remain a mechanic in name and in their own mind only, not in the minds of customers who brought their cars for repairs.

And so it is for an executive or management vis-à-vis an organization; an executive or management must know the component parts of an organization to execute or manage an organization.

in other words, know what part of the organization to do what with. If an executive doesn’t know there exist such thing as a communication system, how would such executive pass orders or instructions to get things done with effective efficiency?

Number two essentials to know about organization.

The second essential thing to know about organization is that all the component parts of an organization have standard technology or knowhow with which to perform them to achieve the desired end product of the particular part.

Again, if we use the example of a mechanic, we sure know that there is a clear and correct way (standard technology or knowhow) with which to remove and reinstall a carburetor of a car. It will be a difficult, time-consuming, costly, damaging, or impossible way to attempt to do something without an understanding and competence in the technology or knowhow. Actually, there is an infinity of ways to not remove or reinstall a carburetor of a car, or do things.

An executive who doesn’t know how to create and have a competent, ethical, loyal, and dedicated workforce cannot achieve much, right? Yet, there is a technology or knowhow of doing this.

It is not enough to know that your organization has a workforce consisting of people who have dedicated their willingness to work and time to the attainment of your organizational goals.

It is vital that you understand and apply the technology or knowhow of making your employees the best they can be.

Therefore, knowing the components of management, and knowing the technology or knowhow with which to address one’s competence to them will avail one an expanding and prosperous organization.

Next week, we will start to unravel the 29 different components of an organization that are essential to the building, maintenance, and management of a successful organization.

Until next time, continue to strive to thrive!

Babatunde Odutola

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