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Welcome to part 24 of the MetroSculpters Consulting Actionable Business Advice Series.

It is well for us to remember that knowing the standard technology or knowhow of the parts of the organization is key to creating and having of an expanding, productive, and prosperous business.

Last week we discussed the third three (3) of the twenty-nine aspects of an organization that require attention and organizing from management for an organization to exist in actual fact, and thrive.

We have thus discussed nine of the parts of an organization, which are: 1) the Organizing board or corporate structure, 2) the Personnel hat, 3) the Communication lines, 4) the Communication Center System, 5) the Basket System, 6) the Dispatch Forms, 7) the Routing forms, 8) Inspection actions, and 9) Promotion actions.

Today we will delve into the following three, which are:

1. Central filing system

The central filing system stores the memory of the organization. Files contain all manner of data and information that relate to the what, how, when, where, who, and wherefores that the organization has dealt with.

In these files are contained all outflow and inflow of both internal and external communications which the organization utilizes for its management.

An organization lacking an effective filing system will become akin to a stupid person who lacks a good grasp of their memory. Such an organization cannot plan, implement, and respond with speed to the little changes in its internal, market, or general macroeconomic environment.

Such an organization, like the stupid person, makes lots of costly mistakes, reacts with sluggishness to critical things, and so dies out sooner.

Those who are fond of making statistics of reasons why companies failed at years 1 and 5, etc. don’t ever try to find the real Why. The lack of an effective filing (or better, memory) system, is one of the real why an organization fails.

2. Customers and visitors handling

Having a system, dedicated people, and processes with which to administer customers and visitors or any human being who walked into the premises of the organization in a proper and effective way must be produced and enforced.

The organization must develop its own ways of 1) how to greet, 2) how to speak to, 3) how to route, 4) how to give assistance, and 5) how to generally care for customers, clients, or visitors who walked into the organization.

A good number of us can bear witness to the rudeness, carelessness, and outright hostility of some organization’s “customer service”, “customer care” etc. people either in person, on the phone, or via email.

These people assume they are the masters of, or do favors for, the customers and act in hostile manners. The thinking is “the boss pays me, and not this man or woman.” It is unknown to them that the customers pay for every cost and expense of the organization.

3. Selling and sales actions

One of the most vital aspects of an organization is Selling and Sales actions. Having a great selling and sales process that result in the generation of gross income or revenue by the exchange of the products or services of the organization to its target publics and customers or clients is crucial.

Selling and sales actions must take into cognizance that sales are an integral part of the organization and not a separate action.

Sales must work with and be inextricably linked with the Costing and Technical Service actions of the organization otherwise your sales action will result in making sales of products or services that you can’t produce or deliver, or making sales for products or services at prices that are pernicious to the organization.

In conclusion, the necessity of implementing the parts of an organization as enumerated in the last three parts to date is crucial, if you desire to have an organization.

Until next time, continue to strive to thrive!

Babatunde Odutola

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