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Welcome to part 27 of the MetroSculpters Consulting Actionable Business Advice Series.

Knowing the standard technology of the parts of the organization is key to creating and having of an expanding, productive, and prosperous business, and abidance of this business injunction is one sure success factor for our businesses and organizations.

Last week we discussed the sixth (6th) of the three (3) of the twenty-nine (29) aspects of an organization that require attention and organizing from management for an organization to exist in actual fact and thrive.

We have thus discussed nine of the parts of an organization, which are: 1) the Organizing board or corporate structure, 2) the Personnel hat, 3) the Communication lines, 4) Communication Center System, 5) The Basket System, 6) Dispatch Forms, 7) Routing forms, 8) Inspection actions, 9) Promotion actions, 10) Central filing system, 11) Customers and visitors handling, 12) Selling and sales actions, 13) Treasury Action of Collecting Income, 14) Treasury Action of Paying Disbursement, 15) Managing Inventory or Store, 16) Generating and Reporting Financial Reports, 17) The handling of Raw Materials or Inputs, and 18) Training Personnel.

We now address the following:

1. Correcting or improving staff competence

Correcting or improving staff competence by the arts and regularity of detailed inspection, internship, and mentoring of staff to discover, reform, and upgrade unknown and or missed steps in attaining competence.

This is different from training in that it is done during working hours, on projects, and so on. You will need to see actually how staff work; how they do the steps of the actions that deliver the product or deliverables that you assigned to, or expected of, them.

If there is no mentoring, internship, and morale-building activities targeted at improving the competence of your staff, you will be left with a ‘well-trained’ but virtually useless workforce.

2. Correcting form of the Organization

Correcting form of the Organization by the arts and regularity of detailed inspection of the effective communication, lines, reporting, and speedy deliverable of vital products and services by the organs of the structure or form of the organization, and where faults are discovered, proffer effective solutions in line with the basic structure of the organization.

3. Inspecting the business

Inspecting the business and its spaces by the arts and regularity of detailed inspection of the cleanliness, orderliness, and effectiveness of the utility of spaces, objects, personnel, lines, and sundry items to aid the speed and effectiveness of the functions and deliverables.

The only and surest way to be sure is to inspect and see things for yourself across the business, its spaces, equipment, etc. Otherwise, we would become like presidents the world over who are given advice based on the biases and self-interests of the ministers and other officials.

Often this sort of ‘management’ end with a shrunk, if not bankrupt, company.

In conclusion, we need to develop and manage a full organization that has all its organs or parts in harmonious function. Otherwise, we would be ‘managing’ a trunk in the absence of the other vital parts of the organization.

If we desire to have, operate, and enjoy the fruits of a prosperous and expanding organization, our surefire route is to understand the necessity of implementing the parts of an organization as enumerated in the last six weeks to date.

Until next week, continue to strive to thrive!

Babatunde Odutola

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