Increasing Business Gross Income-29

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Welcome to part 29 of the MetroSculpters Consulting Actionable Business Advice Series.

Knowing the proper techniques of the parts of the organization is key to creating and having a prosperous business. And abiding by this business injunction is one sure success factor for your business.

Last time, we discussed the eighth (8th) of the three (3) of the twenty-nine (29) parts of the organization that require attention for an organization to exist in actual fact, and thrive.

We have thus far discussed twenty-four (24) of the twenty-nine (29) parts of an organization.

These are: 1) Organizing Board or Corporate Structure, 2) Personnel Hat, 3) Communication Lines, 4) Communication Center System, 5) The Basket System, 6) Dispatch Forms, 7) Routing Forms, 8) Inspection Actions, 9) Promotion Actions, 10) Central Filing System.

They also include: 11) Customers and Visitors Handling, 12) Selling and Sales Actions, 13) Treasury Action of Collecting Income, 14) Treasury Action of Disbursement, 15) Managing Inventory or Store, 16) Generating and Reporting Financial Reports, 17) Handling of Raw Materials or Inputs, 18) Training Personnel, 19) Correcting or Improving Staff Competence, 20) Correcting the Form of the Organization

And: 21) Inspecting the Business, 22) Handling, Contacting, & Converting Prospects into Customers or Clients, 23) Establish and Use Customers or Clients and Partners as Field Distributors or Salespeople, and 24) Reviewing & Handling Failed or Poor-quality Products or Services.

We are going to address the following:

1. Providing public services

As no organization exists in isolation from its society, it behooves the organization to survey the needs of its society, acquire vital resources, seeks out partnerships, and provide valuable and valued public services that will improve the quality of lives of the people, using the art of public relations and corporate social responsibility.

2. Maintaining contacts with the original basic technology of production and organization

It is a fact that every aspect of an organization has a technology or knowhow with which the organization operates its parts. As it is a fact that some, if not all, of the technologies, must have been acquired from elsewhere and elsewhere, it is important to keep in constant communication with the providers of the technologies.

This is vital so as to 1) continue to have the correct technologies, 2) continue to apply or use the correct technologies, 3) have the opportunity to obtain updates and upgrades to the technologies.

3. Handling Rivals & Opposition, using the Tools of Public Relations and the 3rd Party Technology

An organization must work to ensure its public and media image truly expresses the truths of its brand, vision, and facts by correcting and countering falsehoods, smear campaigns, black propaganda and destructive whispering campaigns that oppositions may launch against the organization, its leadership, products or services, brand, projects, key personnel, technology, etc. The tools of public relations and 3rd parties are essential to achieving this.

Concluding, we must have realized that our endeavor is aimed to organize our business into a full-fledged organization that has all vital parts in harmonious function.

As we desire to enjoy the fruits of a prosperous organization that we are building, one route to success is to understand the necessity of implementing the parts of an organization as enumerated in the last eight weeks to date.

Until next time, continue to strive to thrive!

Babatunde Odutola

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