Resources for the Author, Artist

I am pleased to share some of those resources that I consider to be valuable; resources I have created and discovered from the study of others.

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Resources for the Author, Artist

Within the pages under this menu item will be regularly posted and updated resources that may assist the development of new writers and the motivation of others to using their creative powers and works to help humanity evolve into Homo Novis; New (Man) Beings.

Artists in general, and Writers in particular, have the responsibility to further the continuing development and evolution of the human race.

It is acknowledged globally and through time and ages past that the Works of artists and writers are the main cause and catalyst of new vogues in fashion, ways of thinking, technology, culture, education, and other aspects of life.

We can, and should, use these powers, our creative abilities, to create a worthwhile civilization where humanity, indiscriminate of race, creed, stature, idea, and motivation - so far as these are survival goals and interests - can aspire to greater individual, social, and racial height, for our 'now' and tomorrows.

Follow me here so we can reach thither.

Useful Materials

Here are materials which have been verified to contain useful data which can assist our reach toward a goal or desire.

These materials are free to downloaded, used and shared.

Grant Cardone's 20 Rules of Closing a Deal

Grant Cardone's How to Make Millions

Grant Cardone's Millionaire Booklet