The Minds I Associate With

On this page, I reveal those minds that I have been associating, starting from 2019, thence to the Works of life-changing character, and hopefully continuing in the year 2020, and beyond.

Do you know any?

My Life-Changing Library

While growing up, I found the world about me so bizarre I could not fathom why people, particularly 'older' people, acted and said those things they expressed. I had two visions and viewpoints of the world around me. I tried to become accustomed to the vision and viewpoint of my new environment as these were the dictates of parents and others, to not much success. I was much more overwhelmed by my 'interior' world, of unusual, distant, but vastly impressionable experiences.


For sure, I was getting into more trouble than the average toddler, preteen, and teens. As would anyone wrapped in such mantle of confusion, I started to inquire within myself as to the ‘cause’ of my predicament. I dare not ask any ‘adult’, knowing their viewpoints and pretentious histrionic. Later, as I became more aware and able, I started to read; books. And, I read all manners of books; from the insane, the forbidden, the odd, to the exhilarating; of religious, philosophical, scientific, literary, engineering, finance, and name it; all to no avail in understanding the underlying reasons as to why I was ‘different’ from others. Well, I believe when one steps on the road to reading, study, or truth – so far as it was self-motivated – one dares not step back or aside. So, I trudge on. And then, I found the first of the books listed below. And, everything changed. With huge relief I found out that I was not different. I was just more sensitive that those around me. I was twenty, and since then, life became a ’thing’ of understanding.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Science of Survival

Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science

Dianetics: The Original Thesis

The Fundamentals of Thought

Scientology 8-8008

Introduction to Scientology Ethics

The Way to Happiness

Scientology 0-8 - The Book of Basics

A History of Man

Handbook for Preclears

Dianetics 55!

Clear Body Clear Mind

Self Analysis

The Problems of Work

Scientology 8-80

Creation of Human Ability

A New Slant on Life

Advanced Procedure and Axioms

L. Ron Hubbard - The Philosopher - the Rediscovery of the Human Soul