Demi II: The Evolution of the HumAnoubis


Succeeding the story of “Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love”, “Demi II: The Evolution of the Humanoubis” was imminent as Demi, the Sorceress really didn’t actually die, at least as far as the actual being, soul, was concerned. She escaped that permanent death which she was threatened with by the great mother of the Earth, of which Demi was her last incarnation.

In this progeny of “Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love”, we discover ‘Demi as a young man of unearthly being, knowledge, tendencies, mind and psychophysical means. Uneducateable, he created numinous admixed with scientific solutions to arrest the degradation of the planet.

And while Bodunde (the lover in Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love) sought the advertised solution to the reduction of emission of his car, he ‘ran’ into ‘Demi, who wasn’t a female, yet ‘her’ spiritual signature was recognized.

Combining forces with the “Love” (Bodunde), a new race of ‘humans’ was forged from the scientific combination of the elements of human life, and the numinous factors of the Black-Eyed Galaxy’s race of Anoubis.

This story takes a reading to enjoy the wondrous wonders.


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