The Sun-Being & Xix’s Sentient Dolls Galatic Empire

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The Sun-Being & Xix’s Sentient Dolls Galatic Empire

“Xayowalex was just passed his 10 cycles of Xyayexi planet’s revolution around its main sun, Xhorun. By this unremarkable factor of his body’s age, his father concluded the extra-remarkable lad was ready.”

Thus began the most extraordinary event that will render the Andromeda Galaxy into the most obliterating chaos that any galaxy in the MEST Universe!

The Xix’s planet, the abode of the desert race humanoid (for want of a better word). The male beings of Xix had tails, which was the most glorified and powerful device they possess. These beings must have an aggregate of two males and a female to consummate marriage, and have offspring. Compare humans on planet Earth to the people of Xix, we must reverse most of the cherished norms of mankind.

A power-hungry interplanetary emperor dispatched his irresistible sentient doll army to invade, abduct, transport, and convert the males abductees into sentient-dolls.

A Xix’s indigene, a fellow named Xix, who’s dreamed of becoming an emperor was snapped from the hole of a mine where he and some other daredevils mine for water; the most precious element on the entire planet’s system. Xix’s tail was severed in the process of the abduction; a tragedy which rendered him devoid of any sense of pride or even beingness; for he felt his life has been taken from him.

The Sun-being, Xayowalex, upon maturity and enlivenment, had to rescue the entire Andromeda from the sand-cold, stark-mad, emperor of the galaxy.

You have to get your copy to know what transpired among the strange beings who inhabited diverse planets, systems, the core Sun of the galaxy, and Earth (for the Sun-being was whirled into Earth by a mega black star; the monster-evil of Andromeda).


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