An Interplanetary Empire’s Ghostship’s 3.5 Millennia Mission

The science and metaphysical fiction short story, “An Interplanetary Empire’s Ghostship’s 3.5 Millennia Mission (A Renderer of Death, and Enlivener of Life)”, was set in the Earth’s Milky Way and the neighboring Black-Eyed Galaxies. The story was about a deep space spaceship captain who escaped mutiny by putting his entire crew into the state of body, mind and consciousness death without decay (we’re wont to call this hibernation, but it’s way deeper), and lacking enough hands to return home, crash landed on Earth, dying in the process.

The story stated with his beingness (spirit) attempting to remake a new life purpose before taking over a new human body. The being had been ‘living’ and ‘dying’ as a human for almost 3,500 years before now using different bodies, of course. The being narrated some odds and ends of losing bodies, why it seemed impossibly to attain a life purpose, life as a ghost and all manner of incredible stuff.

Finally, the being made a new life purpose, and grabbed a newly born baby boy’s body, having ran checks on its genetic backgrounds, parents and etc. (incredible, eh?). Next we find him living with his family; an engineer mother, a movies/music production company owner father, and two siblings, and a girlfriend.

On the day he went against his mother’s command not to touch her car, he learned of an unbelievable childhood event of his from his mother. Upon the completion of the mother’s rendition of his phenomenal ability, and shown drawings he made, he (the being, spirit) was sucked into his body. All the while, since the being picked up the body, the being had always been outside of it. By being trapped in his body, the being became generally degraded as far as his senses and communication was.

Upon adjusting to its trap, the body, he worked to find out more about the spaceship he’d drawn as a 3 years old. During his searches, he read an article online on an archeological dig that was going on in a nearby town, and observing the very marked similarities of the dig object and his drawing, he drove with his girlfriend to the dig site. He got enlisted, sent his girlfriend back home, accessed the dig object through a hole dug by the crew, and was sucked into the bowel of his ancient ship.

He discovered amazing things about the ship and crew, regained some lost memories, and learned of the events of the ship by scanning the ship’s log. He eventually discovered who he really was and what his life purpose had been for three and a half millennia of blind rambling on Earth as a human.

He regained command of his ship; reenergize his ‘wife’ and the crew of the ship, other than the mutineers. He then set the ship back on course homeward, upon learning of the annihilation of his intergalactic empire by a ‘friendly’ empire, unprovoked. With his death ghost-ship that had capabilities incredible, such as flying through matter, armed with dust nukes that rendered death and enlivened life, he avenged the destruction of his home planetary systems, and discovering the safety of the emperor and his core court, he led the search, discover, build up, rescue of displaced citizens and restart of a new empire, and the union with his life purpose, Itnar, his wife.


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