Two Deaths Made By Love

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Two Deaths Made By Love

This is a story wholly set in 17th century France, except for the short beginning and end. The agonizingly beautiful story of red passion and black rage of love so intense only the outcome could have resulted no matter how carefully guided. Take a journey to ancient France and witness love that was naked, stunning, true, whole, unrepentant and beautiful.

Two Deaths Made By Love is a short story crafted from fragments of my dreams, with the wholesome hands of more than a little imagination. The story was set in modern day, 21st century, Clearwater, Florida, US. Two young people, a male of African descent and a Caucasian girl met, inadvertently, while processing their admission into a place of special training. They soon realized who they were to each other in an early 17th century France, yes, Europe France.

The male recounted their love affair, marriage, life, and deaths wrought by the hand of love, Angelique. They became glued together again, the fire of old set ablaze, once again.

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  1. Jumoke Ajibode

    Jumoke Ajibode

    Great work! Beautiful story! I love it.

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