A Way to Affirm Your Greatness

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A Way to Affirm Your Greatness
Life Domination Series 5

I grew up, I guess like most everyone else, instructed on the veracity and efficacy of prayers. Of course, I did not believe. I just offhandedly accepted the injunction as ‘one of those things’. Not too long when I needed a helping hand from sources greater than human (as humans about me had failed me), I put this ‘one of those things’ to test, and it failed, woefully. And, then, I believed, that it’s a ruse, like many of ‘such things’. When I became a little matured, and started learning for real, for myself (and not for any authority or certification), I became exposed to the truth of prayers, affirmations or postulate (the same thing).

A fact for you: there’s no human alive who doesn’t pray, otherwise, he or she wouldn’t be alive. It’s with our prayers, affirmations or postulates that we keep ourselves active, alive, you might say. It is this awesome spiritual power that we use to create, maintain and destroy things, dreams, and realities, the wanted and unwanted, and the known and unknown; knowingly and unknowingly.

I discovered that a scanty few knew the ‘How To’ of praying. Most prayed for the negative of their desires, and they obtained what they prayed for: the negative of their desires. Societies, governments, et al. strive to attain ideals. However, they work to attain these ideals in the negative. You know, “war against terror”, “war against poverty”, “war against drugs”, “war against corruption”. Well, we continue to have unceasing wars and conflicts, pervasive poverty and diseases, endemic corruption and foulness in our societies.

Why? We get the negatives because we work at the negatives. We surely get what we give focus and attention to, and those things we work at because that’s what we give life to. What we give attention to, what we focus at, what we concentrate and work at, we get, in abundance.

In this small book, I tended what I know that work for me, and has worked for those others I have introduced the framework to. Be one of them.
A Way To Affirm Your Greatness

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A Way To Affirm Your Greatness

A Way To Affirm Your Greatness

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Publication date:- 15 September 2018
ISBN:- 9788829510580/9788829528257

Publisher:- Astropus
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3 reviews for A Way to Affirm Your Greatness

  1. Babatunde Odutola


    This is a very good book, especially if you’re a praying person or affirmation maker.

  2. Emmanuella Enezikome

    Emmanuella Odutola

    I recommend this book for those seeking to understand and for those with open minds. This book has thought me to think positively in order to manifest everything positive in my life, belief and family.

  3. Emmanuella Enezikome

    Emmanuella Odutola

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