Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost


Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Disability & Failures

The book clarifies the nature of the human being; it shows the errors of the past and current reasoning that “it is human to err”; whereas the human being is a perfect being who’s incapable of error. The Work shows that it is only the expressions of this perfect being that are susceptible to wrongness.

When the expressions of the human being are confused with the person of the being, we get insanity; in thought, emotions and acts, for and against humanity. The fact of what can and is to be forgiven was also clarified. You can’t forgive a perfect being; not if we define forgive as, “let go of”.

The nature of transgression, and what we do when we transgressed and don’t forgive, were laid bare to understanding. The vital issue of what can cause one to transgress against agreed norm, the negative consequences of transgression and unforgiveness are discussed, among which are Life Purpose, factors that Derails a person’s Life Purpose, the Outcomes of Off-Purpose Life & Living.

When a person derails from own self-determined life purpose one becomes embroiled in the havingness of, cohabitation, and embracement with the burning wreckages of failure, disability, and disharmony, with self and life. One’s State of Mind and Being has everything to do with being free of transgression. The condition of one’s mind is a most vital element that must be made harmonious for a purposeful, creative, wholesome and worthwhile life.

If one’s state of mind is healthy, one is far from transgression. It was discovered and presented that there is actually One Genuine Evil that plagued humanity. Denial of self. This is at the root of all transgressions, and their harmful energies. Emotions have everything to do with transgressions and forgiveness. For every physical act we initiate, the emotions are the biomechanisms used to cause those physical actions to manifest.

Therefore, stable emotions are vital. The wherefores whereby our ‘justice’ system creates and natures criminals and the insane are discussed. A society starts to die once such an essential factor as justice is made a profit-focused business venture. The prime roles of the family in the creation of criminals and the insane for the society, the outcomes of which the ‘justice’ system weigh inhumanly against, are discussed, with effective injunctions and exercises that could assist the raising of sane, healthy and more intelligent generation next.

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