How Not To Die: An Attempt at Aiding the Reawakening of the Human Spirit

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“How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit”:

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This book looks death, life, the spirit, and the physical universe right in the eyes. It unravels obvious truths and facts that are so simple and bared naked for all to perceive and comprehend. And being so simple, these truths and facts had been transformed into secrets and mysteries, used to torment and extort.

How Not To Die was written after years of listening to the silences of the deafening noises and words of truth, facts, fallacies, illusions, dreams, and delusions of humanity, as represented by the tiny segments I observed, of myself and others.

I had asked the question “what is life” of my mother. I had asked of my grandmother “Is there really God?” I’d asked of people who I assumed should know, at least much better than I, “what are ‘we’ doing ‘here’?”, “What is here?” “What is a human?”, “What am I?” “Do ‘we’ actually die?” “What happened when and after ‘we’ ‘die’, if we really die?”, “What is to die?”, “What is death?” and tons of such questions.

Subjects of responsibility, ethics, integrity, love, hate, et al would be a fine and furious wedge that created a huge gulf between me and several people who I think I loved, at least the way I understand what love is. They couldn’t or wouldn’t invest any interested in those probably dreadful subjects. In addition to those hideous subjects above, those of wealth, poverty, intelligence, illiteracy, greatness, littleness, competence and incompetence, sanity and insanity et al invaded my silences and inner words, keeping me in their companies, with my will offered with abandon.

These were years of internalization, assimilation, ruminations and attempted understanding I invested to assume an ownership of the little knowledge garnered. Subsequent utilization of the knowledge predates this volume.

“How Not To Die” was written to avail anyone an understanding of the divine nature, creative abilities and ethics of the being that we are.

The book clarifies ways and means to attain self-awareness and ultimate manifestation of the divine sentience and humanity.

This is an essential work for those who aspire to ‘see through’ the fogs of life and the physical universe; those who desire to come to a clear understanding, and not conflicted suppositions; those who seek truths and facts, and practical ways and means to live a full life.

This volume is my humble contribution to the eons of investments of thoughts and searches about the slippery subject of life – you, soul, me – and the material universe’s relentless onslaught against its creators.

I hope we could see the speck of photon which emanates from the words in this volume. We surely, presumptuous me desire, can date to look at life in the eyes, and know, and be, again.

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Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing (October 5, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9388459008
ISBN-13: 978-9388459006
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

3 reviews for How Not To Die: An Attempt at Aiding the Reawakening of the Human Spirit

  1. Oluwole Ajijola

    Oluwole Ajijola

    A nice book that requires the reader to open his/her when reading

  2. Dehinde Remilekun


    When I read the book, I thought “here’s something you don’t see often! We forget or pretend that we, human beings, are not spiritual beings. But here’s a book which not only specify this, but in definite words too.” I recommended this book to all and sundry.

  3. Emmanuella Enezikome

    Emmanuella Odutola

    I read this book and gained clarity in my thoughts and belief to question and search before believing.

    I recommend this book.

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