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Here Are My Entire Wrought Works... For The Time Being, Forged For Your Delights & Edification... Just Starting Out Though

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I have defined my works into three segments. These segments represent, for me, the modes which allow optimal self-expressions.

As you must have guessed or know, if you are a writer, sometimes nonfictions aren’t just adequate to effectively express one’s knowledge, intent and creativity.

Due to my beingness, mental, cultural, and personal outlooks, which may compel the emergence of extraneous circumstances, it is much beneficial to allow unbridled imaginations take ahold of the blank slates of a writers’ computer or notepad.

I have some such extraneous factors present and current in my personal space.

Therefore, I have the following segments of my works; Nonfictions, Fictions and Short Stories.

Nonfiction Works

My Nonfiction Works deal with three “series” which are dressed to address individual’s personal growth, social development and financial fulfillment. These are laid out as follows:

1. Life Domination Series

The Life Domination Series has the following works already completed and progressing through publishing process.

a. How To Overcome Fear & The Fearful
- Life Domination Series 1;
b. How To Create & Enhance Self-Confidence
- Life Domination Series 2;
c. Power, Money, Ability: A Theory of Life Domination
- Life Domination Series 3;
d. How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit
- Life Domination Series 4;
e. How to Affirm Your Greatness
- Life Domination Series 5;

More works in this series are being contemplated for writing in the nearest futures.

2. Social & Leadership Series

My “Social & Leadership Series” comprised the following works which have been completed, and are going through publishing process.

a. Fundamental Principles of Leadership
- Social & Leadership Series 1;
b. Urging Mankind’s Sentient For The Resurgence Of Humanity
- Social & Leadership Series 2;
c. My Family Manual - The Natures Of The Family, Health & Problems
- Social & Leadership Series 3;
d. The Perspectives of Astropos - A Philosophy of Livingness
- Social & Leadership Series 4;

More works in this series are being contemplated for writing in the nearest futures.

3. Finance & Wealth Series

There is only one work which was completed and undergoing publishing in the “Finance & Wealth Series”. From the sketches of ideas that I have, this series might yet have the largest number of works, eventually.

a. What Is Money, & How To Plan Your Wealth - Finance & Wealth Series 1;

Metaphysical Fiction Works

My Metaphysical Fiction Works include the “Metaphysical Fiction Series” and the “Metaphysical Lyrical Novels”. These works are plain fictional stories without the intent or interest to write some known person into any of the works. However, like most great fictional works, the mention of known names, recounting of historical events etc. are parts and whole with the business of creating such works.

1. Metaphysical Fiction Series

My “Metaphysical Fiction Series” comprised the following works. Of course, great many works are being contemplated, dreamed and written of the class of this series.

a. The Time Thief & The Wood-God Of The Forest Of Lives
- Metaphysical Fiction Series 1;
b. Demi : A Sorceress Unyoked By Love
- Metaphysical Fiction Series 2;
c. Demi II: Evolution Of The Humanoubis
- Metaphysical Fiction Series 3;
d. The Sun-Being & Xix’s Sentient Dolls’ Galactic Empire
- Metaphysical Fiction Series 4;

2. Metaphysical Lyrical Novels

As for the “Metaphysical Lyrical Novels”, I had the desire to produce wholly poetic novels. I am currently working on one which flows in the usual stream of metaphysical, albeit lyrical.

On the one hand, I wondered, very much and every day, what will become of the work once completed.

On the hand, I long to see it comes to life. In between the cousins above, I work slowly, but diligently, on the first in this series.

Metaphysical Short Stories

My Metaphysical Short Stories are crafted of similar silk of the other class and series of works. Like the other Metaphysical works, the Metaphysical Short Stories present truths and facts, comingled with unbridled imaginations, some memories and fragments of dreams in a less than 10,000- to maximum of 30,000-word works.

However, it is my desire to see them bloom into full-fledge novels in the course of future times.

For the present, I present the Metaphysical Short Stories that are completed, hosted on Wattpad’s free reading platform, being presented as E-books on StreetLib and other publishers’ platforms.

1. Pheromone Fury
2. Two Deaths Made of Love
3. Stuck In Two Dimensions
4. Through A Spider's Vortex
5. An Interplanetary Empire’s Ghostship’s 3.5 Millennia Mission
6. A Meld Of Two Monstresses Born of My Thought