Featuring My "Metaphysical Fiction Series" Works

Here Are Presented, And Described, My Works In The Genre Of The Metaphysical.

Of the roots of my Metaphysical Fiction Series I have a very naughty imaginative mind and bend, from childhood.

This mind and bend tend to run riots sometimes, such that I’ll have to abide its laws, ways and means for me to have the peace of clean attention on my ‘work’, being a business and project consultant.

The times these monsters of the mind and bend reared their amazingly beautiful heads and hands were the times I got visitations from black darkness, deafening silence and plutonic lethargy unknown to my usual days.

Not until I offered sacrifices of indivisible time, unwavering attention and ‘serenic’ emotion, and delve into the darkness, silence and weightiness of my mind and bend with the most emblazed conflagration of light, the sweetest songs of harmony and feathery touch of spirit, do I gain my erstwhile beingness and outlook of ‘normal’.

These sacrifices gave no regard to time, sleep, victuals, nothing, until offered. And, offering these sacrifices resulted in the crafting of fictional works I named, Metaphysical Fiction.

My fictional works are termed Metaphysical Fiction for the fact that I blend in the most twisting imaginations of truths, facts, fallacies and carefreeness into the incredible, if different from the norms.

My works include:

1) The Time Thief & The Wood-God Of The Forest of Lives
2) DEMI: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love
3) DEMI II: The Evolution Of The HumAnoubis
4) Anthology of Short Metaphysical Stories
5) The Sub-Being & Xix’s Sentient Dolls’ Galactic Empire

for the time being, as my monsters of mind and bend permit.

If you seek adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal and related theme, and beyond, metaphysical, you’ll find my words endearing to your eyes, minds and ‘you’.