Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked by Love”

This was a story of several parts. Set in prehistoric times and modern speedy ways, with the intermissions of lives in way away times and unknown and unbelievable places and times, this story will stun. Have you ever met a sorceress who was ever 20-ish, for three hundred years? Met Demi, and know her.

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About “Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked by Love”

The story was set in a lost ancient and modern cultures, environments and times. The story was about a little girl, Ifademiladeola, fondly ‘Demi, of Arishe Oba, a tiny kingdom of a long lost times in prehistoric Yorubaland.

At about 12 years of age, the beautiful and well-cultured ‘Demi was rendered to an inhumane experience; an experience that defined her ensuing 300 years: A unit of 12 men of the invader-force of a neighboring kingdom attacked and burned down her not-so-humble abode, gang rapped her, and leaving her for dead, killed her father and mother in one of the mad frenzies of ‘war’.

When ‘Demi came to, she stumbled half-consciously into the forest of evil. The forest was a huge, dense, dark and dreadful wood with ominous sounds, all day, all night.

Only the most powerful figures of the cults of traditional worshippers, witches and wizards, medicine-men, and the likes dared to access its periphery, less its magical embrace.

Due to fate, rather than unawareness or fearlessness, ‘Demi trudged blindly into the dreaded forest, into the embrace of an ancient goddess. A minion of the goddess of earth, the ‘daughter-of-the-mother-of-the-earth’, led ‘Demi’s rituals which transformed her into a super sorceress, an incarnation of the mother-of-the-earth, a goddess.

In modern times, it was time for ‘Demi‘s 39th sacrifice. This will transform into a twenty something, delectable, amorously inciting and stunning beauty. But, she had had enough. She’d lived almost 300 years absent love, family or stability; living only seven years before a new transformative sacrifice that wrest everything from her, including her current body.

She wanted out of the horror she underwent and the great inhumanity she caused to her prey, yes inhumane men they were, all.

‘Demi ‘ran’ into Bodunde. They fell in love while Bodunde was still digesting the strangeness of her being and the awful task she must perforce perform. Having experience the last of ‘Demi’s transformative sacrifice through the magical powers of ‘Demi’s, Bodunde had another idea. He was bent on saving his beloved ‘Demi whose narrations of countless lives and livings in several Earth and extraterrestrial societies led him into a world of wonders.

Bodunde succeeded in preventing ‘Demi’s sacrifice, unyoking her from the bondage of darkness and horror, free.

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