Demi II: The Evolution of the HumAnoubis

Succeeding the story of Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked By Love, Demi II: The Evolution of the Humanoubis was imminent as Demi, the Sorceress really didn't die. In this progeny of Demi, the sorceress, we find a young man of unearthly being, knowledge, tendencies, mind and psychophysical means. Uneducateable, he created solutions to the degradation of the planet, and combining forces with the "Love" in Demi: A Sorceress Unyoked by Love, a new race was forged combing the elements of and the Black-Eyed Galaxy race of Anoubis. It takes a reading to enjoy the wondrous wonders.

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He was a shattered, if young, man. He was brutally broken in body, all over his body. Nevertheless, he was never broken or even dented as self. He never turned to negative emotion or slowed down in his energetic pursuits of his goals. His body was a signpost of what could happen to a man who was involved in several train wrecks, but surviving each and them all.

And yet, he moved with such swiftness that surprised all. Amazingly, he never once ran his body into objects, people or stumbles or falls, as one would expect of such a ‘disabled’ body.

That is more or less the physical bearing of Adeye. He, physically speaking, is a broken man. He suffered through this physical debilitation for three days, without a whiff of complaint.

Adeye’s wasn’t always with a broken body. He has a body that is well-built, healthy and virile.
His was a toast of ladies young and old, within his home and activity environment. Most vital part of his physical bearing is his eyes. His demeanor invokes and invites trust and confidence in people.

A more uncommon attribute of his physical bearing is the speed of motion. No, he doesn’t run, nor move fast with haste or use disjointed efforts at moving the body through successive spaces or anything of that kind. His body gets to his determined destination, with little effort or strain by him, like a blur without blurring.

He also has an acute sense of direction and determination of co-use of space. As he darts or blurs around, he never stumbles into anyone or anything. He gives slight microseconds to evade crashes, and without any thought of having done anything fantastic, he continues on his blurring.

All these, and more, are attributes that everyone can easily confirm as belonging to Adeye. Until something extra-Earth, extra-human, paranormal occurred and stole his physical dexterity, at least for seven days. He was bent of turning the fortune of planet Earth for the better using his extra-human knowledge and beingness. But, for all that was lost, he did not lose his speed, space co-use determination, and most certainly, not his sizzling spirit nor flaming pro-emotions.

Adeye’s enthusiasm runs as a wildfire would, searing all oppositions to actions and goodwill in his path. His voice is ever alive and lively, ringing with slight tremor of excitement.

Here is Adeye, and his, unbeknownst to him, dreams to trigger a revolution of the evolution of humanity into another and composite race…Humanoubis.

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