The Time Thief & The Wood-god of the Forest of Lives

Well, I have produced for your delight and edification, a story which will transport you from Lagos, Planet Earth to parts of the universe you might have forgotten are real and 'there', and thence to a world, a forest, extra-universal, where wonders reigned as norm. You will journey to know of conditions of normal, god-y, extra-human, and sinisterly numinous beings who desired wood-beings of Earthlings. I whisper this: you might recognize a condition similar to the one you suffer or enjoy, but kept in the fold of the dark. Well, come, let's reveal all.

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About “The Time Thief & Wood-God Of The Forest Of Lives”:

This story was crafted to stretch the mental and emotional imaginations of lovers of fictions of extra-dramatic and out-of-this-world themes.

This is a work of verifiable truths and facts admixed with sheer, brazen imaginations.

It was weaved around the sweet relationships of Barinlo Ga, (otherwise known as Ba’Ga, who ‘flips’ time and became The Time Thief) and Kike Abowa, an exquisite beauty who ‘lives’ outside her body.

This story presents readers with oodles of weird, wild and wondrous ride into a never-never land where unearthly phenomena and extra-human and paranormal laws govern the origin, operations, and eventual destruction of an imaginary forest, universe.

Ba’Ga’s being (soul, spirit) was conveyed via numinous means from Earth to the Forest of Lives, leaving his insensible, yet alive, body in the care of Kike.

The Forest of Lies was deceptively presented to Ba’Ga as a Universe of Lives by the Wood-God.

Otherwise known as Arashoui, the Wood-God is an Omni-powerful, extra-universal, deceitful and degraded being who wreaked havoc on Earth in a failed attempt to recreate human beings into living Woods in revenge for the destruction of his universe by Ba’Ga.

This work is labeled “A Metaphysical Fiction” for the fact that facts, truths, imaginations and their congress were warped and smoked out of the ordinary Earth’s operating principles, as we know them.

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