MetroSculpters Limited is a Business and Project Consulting Company with outstanding expertise in the following areas, among others:

1. Personal Growth Services
2. Business Prosperity Services
3. Project Success Services

Consulting Services Solutions Guide
We bring to you a full complement of our unique products and services.

Our solutions are designed and delivered using the following guiding framework:

1. Natural Laws-based Knowledge
2. Principles that are based on the dynamics of applicable natural laws
3. Applicable, Useable & Sustainable Framework which, like an engineering plan, enables goals attainment
4. Laws of Jurisdiction, Industry Regulations and Guidelines
5. Industry's Sustainable 'Best/Next Practices'; those that outlive their authors
6. Lessons Learned on Business and Project assignments

Services Delivery Mechanisms
We apply the following mechanisms in bringing our clients and principals the effectiveness of our framework and designed solutions.

Documentation Design;
Providing clients with policy, training, process and other manuals, including research studies, project plans, business plans, financial models, feasibility reports, business cases, cost-benefits analyses, among others,

Advisory Services;
This relates to giving our clients expert opinions, viewpoints and specific or general access to our knowledge-base, enabling a richer, smarter and faster client (in terms of people, processes, technology and organization).

Full-Fledged Consulting Services;
Here we provide a wholesome solution which may be stand-alone consultancy or a complete battery of documentation, training, project supervision and advisory services within the consulting assignment. Usually, most consulting assignments combine all elements.

We work with individual client to design personalized programs, counseling and skill-enhancement solutions to assist the resolution of any personal, familial, financial and freedom type challenges.

Our services include:

1. Consultant Development Services
2. Personal Financial & Wealth Planning
3. Personal Life Improvement Programing
4. Personal Life Improvement Counseling

Business Documentation Services

We produce high quality & bankable business documents for all economic sectors. Our documents have enabled several ideas become businesses, and weak businesses become viable entities.

Some of our services are as follows:

1. Business Planning
2. Feasibility Studies
3. Business Cases (Outline & Comprehensive)
4. Cost-Benefit Analyses
5. Financial Planning & Budgeting

FDI & PPP Advisory Services
Every economy in the world strives for foreign capital flow. Such competition is healthy for both receiver-economy and investing entities.

But “Where”, “When”, “What” & “How” to invest, deploy the investment & derive the utmost benefits are tricky.

We can help through the following services:

1. Nigerian & African Economic Reports
2. “Eyes & Ears” Representation Services for Local & Foreign Entities
3. Investment Proposals for Outward-Nigeria FDIs
4. Public-Private Partnership – PPP – Advisory

Finance Sourcing Advisory Services
Sourcing capital or investment for businesses and projects is daunting in Nigeria, whereas, there are multitudes of sources in the local & global financial markets.

What are the Problems?
1) Poorly conceived projects; 2) Lilliputian-size projects; 3) Lack of perseverance to complete processes;

Our services include:

1. Project Structuring for Funding Viability
2. Foreign Finance Sourcing Process Advisory
3. Private Placement Advisory

Corporate & Organizational Services
Our unique corporate structure services are derived from natural laws. With decades of knowledge, expertise and experience, we deployed these services with certainty, enabling purposeful, prosperous and sustainable client-organizations.

Our services include:

1. Corporate Structure Design & Implementation
2. Job Description/Post Functions Development (ISO Quality)
3. Management System Development
4. Personnel Manual Development
5. Organization/Company Profile Development
6. Personnel Counseling (Human Capital Development)

Real Estate Joint Venture Advisory
Our joint venture advisory services, targeted at the real estate industry, helps JV parties derive the utmost benefits, avoiding damaging rancor and expensive litigations leading to project stoppage.

Our service expertise includes:

1. Prospective JV Partners Profiling
2. JV Structuring
3. JV Project Cost-Benefit Analyses
4. Pre-Legal JV Agreement Structuring

Project Management

A comprehensive understanding of our client’s basic intentions (usually unspoken) with regards their business and project objectives translates into successful project management.

Our Project Design, Execution and Management services span the entire life cycle of a project to ensure that our clients can enjoy our unique services.

We conceive (at proposal stage), design (at project planning stage), implement (at project execution stage) and manage the overall project management process with a clear objective. This is to assist our clients achieve their project objective, within cost-effective budgets, while we constantly providing extra value-add at every stage of a project.

Our Project Management Processes are developed to international standards. Our Project Management process is divided into components to optimize process performance;

1. Project Conception
2. Project Integration
3. Scope Management
4. Schedule Management
5. Cost Management
6. Procurement Management
7. Quality Management
8. Communication Management
9. Risk Management

We understand that high personal and corporate ethics are essential to delivering successful projects within budget and on-time. Our corporate structure ensures a transparent relationship with our clients and further ensures client confidence in all aspects of a project.

We are constantly restructuring our methodologies, increasing our human capital capacities and streamlining processes to have a better cost-efficiency, increase quality and improved timelines for a project.

We have a vast database of knowledge that includes processes, lessons learnt database and Industry standard documentation that ensures that investments on a project are based on logical value-based reason.

Our Project Management Framework
Our framework ensures no unsafe element is left unattended in administering all components of a project. The framework is also cyclic, ensuring end-to-end work, analysis, cross-checks, and effective supervision, and hastens end-results attainment.

Implemented Projects and Assignments

We have, since 1995 have designed and implemented assignments for clients in various sectors of the Nigerian and global economy.

Operating as theta solutions & technologies Ltd from 1995 to 2008, and then MetroSculpters Limited from 2008 to date, we have delivered satisfaction to our numerous clients. It is on this esteemed client-base that we have learned whole lots of lessons and gained new, informed and in-depth knowledge on our core competences and related areas that impact our work

We have developed and grown our expertise to reach further into adjourning areas of core competencies, to ensure that we truly deliver w/holistic solutions in our assignments.

Our core competencies are:

1. Business Development (financial modeling, business cases, Outward Nigeria FDI Proposals, business plans, feasibility studies, private placement memorandum) and business documentation and development services;

2. Technology (particularly software engineering and development), during the same time phase of year 2000, resulting in some very happy results for our domestic and international clients;

3. Project Management (entire cycle) at the year 2000 mark, when we worked with the USAID Implementing Partners in Nigeria and from Washington;

4. Project Design for Real estate, smart environment and communications/security technologies; these became part of our knowledge areas at the year 2004 period with the cognition that Nigeria and indeed Africa is in dire need of improved quality and quality of socioeconomic structure and infrastructure;

5. Project Design; Mega projects such as Free Zone development, mass housing development, industrial estates/Incubators development, mini city, city renewals, infrastructure development and upgrade projects are the future of our consulting services.

6. Of course, the backbone of any economy are the micro-, small- and medium-size businesses, millions of which start, succeed, fail and restart daily all over Africa. This is the core of our work in the 1999 up to date, learning all that are critical to empowering the rural and urban informal sector of the African economies.

7. In the course of all our work, we have helped established companies, project, businesses and organizations from nothing. We have helped failing companies, project, businesses and organizations regained their lost verve and return to the path of success. We have helped successful companies, project, businesses and organizations better their immediate goals and expand their vision into the horizons.

Maybe we can be of help to you.

Implemented Commercial/Investment-related Projects
Management of the Private Placement Process for IC Global Microfinance Bank Plc, Warri, Nigeria, 2008-2009; the IC Global Microfinance Private Placement assignment was conceived, managed and closed by our team, under the brand of a defunct sister company; ACBS. We developed all documentations relating to the assignment, including the core business plan, financial modeling, financial engineering models, share structure and restructuring models and contributed significantly to the design and production of the Placement Offer document. We also recruited and worked closely with all parties to the Offer, including the Issuing House, Collection Banks, Solicitors, Accountants, Placement Agents and others, ensuring the realization of the project. Although the assignment did not attain full subscription of the 800,000 share units at N1.95k, target of N1.52bn (about US$10m), but achieve success relative to other Offers in the same period the Nigerian capital market was on a poor downturn. The Offer opened in November of 2008 and closed January 2009.

Development and Management of the Private Placement Process for TrackNSheild Limited, Nigeria & USA, 2011-2012; The TracknShield Private Placement assignment was conceived, managed and closed by the team from MetroSculpters Consulting Limited. TracknShield was a start-up that needed to raise capital to upgrade its technology backbone and working capital, totaling US$320,000 (about 50 Million Nigerian Naira) of 4,000,000 ordinary shares of the Company. We developed all documentations relating to the assignment, including the core business plan, financial modeling, financial engineering models, share structure and restructuring models and contributed significantly to the design and production of the Placement Offer document. We recruited and worked closely with all parties to the Offer, including the Issuing House, Collection Banks, Solicitors, Accountants, Placement Agents and others, ensuring the realization of the project. The offer raised about 60% of its offered subscription. This was considered a success, considering it was a start-up Company.

Research, documentation and reporting of the West Africa Gas Pipeline ; MetroSculpters Limited Researched, documented and reported the West Africa Gas Pipeline ownership, investment, routes, capacity to deliver natural gas to gas-fired power turbines etc. to the Lekki Worldwide Investments Limited in respect of a proposed Gas-Powered Electricity Generating Plant to be established in Lagos in 2010.

The Lekki Worldwide Investments Limited/Lagos State Government South African Investors Roadshow for the Lekki Free Trade Zone; We provided the Project Design detailing all aspects of the Roadshow Project, including an effective project and financial plans for the approval of LWIL, for subsequent implementation. The documentation were used to make decisions and obtained the approval of the Lagos State Governor, relating to the implementation of the project. The LWIL desired to implement the project with their in-house team and resources.

Institution Restructuring Framework Design for Oil & Gas Free Zone Authority (a Regulator of Hydrocarbon-based Oil & Gas Free Zones in Nigeria): MetroSculpters was sought after to design a framework that could be used by the Authority to gain access to, and have authority over Oil & Gas Free Zones in Nigeria. The hydrocarbon Free Zones were under the authority and management of a sister authority; the Export Processing Zones Authority. The assignment was implemented, with recommendations for legal restructuring of the Act establishing the Authority.

Free Zones National Conference and Award Program Design to Oil & Gas Free Zone Authority (a Regulator of Hydrocarbon-based Oil & Gas Free Zones in Nigeria

The assignment was an initial documentation, in the form of a proposal framework that could be used to obtain approval from the Federal Minister of Commerce & Industry (now renamed Trade & Investments). The Award was to unite the Free Zones authorities and operators in the Nigeria and further the valuable work being done to achieve the expectations of the Free Zones to favorable impact the Nigeria and West African economies.

Business Process Assignments
Business Plan Development & Financial Modeling Services; below are a few Business Plans, Financial Modeling and similar documentation services we have developed, some which successfully sourced local and international banking finance for our clients:

CVDatabank; this was an Online Recruitment services business. The plan was used to successfully secure funding from local business person, and went to successfully startup and operating. Year – 2008;

Ricode Limited; a brilliant business idea, offering Online Solutions for examinations candidates, testing and etc. The business, upon completion of the business plan, became a startup and raised some finance to get the core of the assets needed to operate online and functional. Year – 2008;

Fortune Microfinance Bank; a microfinance bank startup business plan; the owner eventually used the core of the business plan to startup a finance company business, as it was discovered that his core partners would no longer participate in the business. Year – 2009;

Lamogun Ventures; a Transport Outsourcing business targeted at large local corporate and multinational companies, with very sound business model and financials. Upon completion of business plan, client was able to secure finance for the startup. Year – 2009;

Zealord Marketing International; a micro operator at the fringe of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, offering Diesel to companies and homes. Business Plan was to afford the business the opportunity to scale up and cut out middlemen, raise value and volume of business. Zealord was able to source for money and scaled up the business. Year – 2009;

CrestHill Engineering Limited; We delivered a Feasibility Study/Financial Plan for the Kaduna State Media Corporation for Financing Digitization Plan, Business Plan for a 1,000 Megawatts Coal-fired Power Plant for setup in Gombe State, a Business Plan for a Coal Mine which will fuel the power plant and mine coal for export, an Outline Business Case for the 670 Kilometers Eganyi-Idu Railway Project for the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Investment Proposal for Outward Nigeria FDI to Rwanda, and a Business Plan for the establishment of an Electricity Metering Production Factory to be setup in Rwanda, all for this engineering services and consulting company based in Kadun, Abuja and Ibadan.

Business Training; We started our business, as theta solutions & technologies Ltd, offering business training to small entrepreneurs in Lagos and its environs in 1995. Over the past 20 years, we have served hundreds in this capacity, and are happy that a few we have continued to associate with are doing well in life and in business.

Organizational Development Programs; Our Corporate and Organizational development programs and services are effective and cause expansion and prosperity where they are fully implemented. Our Corporate and Organizational development services are unique with regards to the content value and impact on businesses and organizations that implement them.

We do not offer the usual crowd-hyped programs of 'experts', but unique natural laws-derived principles-based programs that are fitted for the success of the individual-participants, their companies/organizations and the general socioeconomics of their environment.

A few companies and organizations that have benefited from our programs include: Farmers' Development Union Ibadan, Country Women Association of Nigeria Akure/Lagos, Kemson Concept Limited, Leadership Development Technologies, IC Global Microfinance Limited Warri/Oleh, Omasi Microfinance Limited Enugu, Smart Applications Systems UK/US Limited, USAID Implementing Partners Weidemann Associates, TVIG/IBI Jigawa Energy Project, Portal Realties Limited, Portal Consulting Limited, Bluestone Construction Company Limited, Negotiation & Conflict Management Group, Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, among several others of local and international caliber.

The Portal Group of Companies, including Portal Realties Limited, Portal Consultancy Services Limited, Bluestone Construction Company Limited, Portal Farms Limited and Portal Foods Limited were supported with our Business Planning, Financial Modeling, Corporate Structure solution and full-fledge Consulting Services ranging from Project Prospecting, Project Advisory and Partnership in the areas of Real Estate Development (including Mass Housing, City Renewal etc.), Socioeconomic Infrastructure Development, Offshore Finance Sourcing, Human Capacity Development and establishment of Group subsidiary-companies. The Portal Assignment commences in 2012 and ended in 2014, with potentials for project partnerships in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa, Kaduna, and the Republic of Niger, to mention a few.

Vineyard Estate Development Project; Concept Design of the Vineyard Estate Development Project; a project that started as a partnership of MetroSculpters and BHG Properties Limited, Project owned in the name of RiverView SPV Limited, but ended as a Project Design.

The Vineyard Estate project is to create a model estate that meets international standards in all ramifications, at costs that are affordable to the Nigerian economy.

Maranatha Estate Development project; Again, another project that started as a Joint Venture, but ended as a Project Design, Maranatha Estate Development project is a 100 acres mixed residential development along the Lagos-Ibadan axis of the Lagos Mega City area in Mowe, Ogun State. the project is a partnership of MetroSculpters Limited and Nipasen Realties Limited.

Kasmal Estate Project Ogombo, Lekki, Lagos; Here is another project that was initiated as a Joint Venture, but again ended as a Project Design. The owner of the landed property upon which the Kasmal Estate was to be developed was not interested in long-term projects, so the project ended as a Concept Development and Project Planning project. The 20hectare land was conceived to have 800 mixed residential developments, ranging from mansionnettes, detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses and apartments. In addition, it was to have a recreation and business district where residents can access to everything they desire.

University of Maiduguri Students Hostels Project Design; The University of Maiduguri Students Hostels development project was conceived to be another Joint Venture/PPP project between MetroSculpters and the University, but ended up at Concept Development and Project Management design. It is more for political reasons that this fascinating project ended at that stage.

University of Maiduguri Staff Owner-Occupier Housing Project Design; Similar fate befell The University of Maiduguri Staff Owner-Occupier Housing Project. The major hindering factor was that members of staff of the University were not enrolled onto the National Housing Scheme which was to be the anchor for the 20-year mortgage deal that we struck with an international financing group.

Numerous mini projects in this area were completed in the 2001 to date, but are too numerous for cataloguing here.

Lekki Free Zone Development Company, operators of the Lekki Free Zone; Lekki Free Zone Development Company; This Consultancy sourced, secured, conceived and implemented by MetroSculpters using our subsisting partnership with ZH Energy Limited, who had the appropriate industry licenses required for our operation. The project provided consultancy services to the Lekki Free Zone Development Company in respect of the conception, design, construction, standards documentation and monitory of the Logistics & Storage District’s Oil & Gas Discharge Terminal, Network of Pipelines for Transportation, Road Tankers Infrastructure and Storage Facilities at the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

Project Design for a Hospital Development in Republic of Sudan, 2010

The Sudan Hospital Development project was basically to provide a framework that could be used to source large, long-term offshore finance, project technical partnerships to ensure the project was successful. We were engaged to provide the initial documentation with the expectation that, upon approval of the framework we will lead the implementation component.

Project Management Assignments

Oduduwa House Redevelopment Project, Project Management Plan Development
Year 2011 - The Project is a redevelopment of a skeletal 5-storey frame into a first-class Shopping Mall with Event Hall Penthouse. This is expected to be a full-cycle project management work.

Vineyard Estate Project; Project Design and Project Management Plan Development - Year 2008 to 2010.

Mayana Hotels, Abuja; Project Management Plan Development & Part Implementation from Year 2009 to 2010.

Mayana Hotels, Gusau, Zamfara State; Project Management Plan Development, Financial Sourcing Plan and Part Implementation work from Year 2009.

Kasmal Estates, Ogombo, Lekki, Lagos; Project Management Plan Development & Part Implementation from Year 2009 to 2010;

TIME Membership Database Software Development Project; Project Management Plan Development, Implementation, Deployment & Training from Year 2000 to 2001;

TIME Portfolio Management Software Development Project; Project Management Plan Development, Implementation, Deployment & Training from Year 2000 to 2001;

ADResolute Software Development Project; Project Management Plan Development & Implementation, Year 2007;

Project Management Collaboration Software Development Project; Project Management Plan Development, Implementation, Deployment & Training
from Year 2007 to 2008;

Informal Sector Development Assignments
Implemented Informal Sector Development-related Projects; listed below are some of the several projects we have designed, documented, developed, implemented and reported:

USAID/GTBank TIME Pilot Project; Project Design, Project Planning, Project Management, Capacity Development and Monitoring & Evaluation from Year 2000 to 2001;

Farmers; Development Union – FADU; Organizational Needs Assessment; Year – 2001;

IC Global Microfinance Bank Plc.; Organizational Needs Assessment Project; Year – 2009;

Ekiti LIFE Investment for Enterprise Development Project Concept Design

Concept framework to establish a platform to create an ever-increasing funding scheme to finance enterprises in the stat. Year - 2001 and repeated in 2011;

Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs; Enterprise Development Project, using Agro-Enterprise Incubators Model. Project ay Design State. Year – 2011;

Omasi Microfinance Bank Limited, Enugu; Organizational Needs Assessment project. Year – 2008;

DC Capital Microfinance Bank Limited, Lagos; Staff Training & Induction Program
Year – 2008;

Tennessee Infrastructure Group/International Business Initiative -TVIG/IBI & Jigawa State Government of Nigeria; Rural Electrification & Prepaid Metering Adoption Assessment & Survey Project. Year from 2002 to 2003;

USAID Contracted, Funding and Implemented through Weidemann Associate Inc. (USAID Implementing Partner);

Savings Mobilization Project design for Nigeria's Microfinance Institutions; Year – 2001;

USAID Contracted, Funding and Implemented through Weidemann Associate Inc. (USAID Implementing Partner);

Project Management for the Design, Development & Deployment of Membership Database and Portfolio Management Systems for TIME PILOT Project Participating NGO-Microfinance Institutions; Year from 2000 to 2001;

ICT | Smart Environment Technologies Assignments
Lagos Multi Door Courthouse at the Premises of Lagos High Court,

Igbosere, Lagos; ADResolute: ADR Case Management Software; Application Design, Development, Deployment & Training for Lagos Multi Door Courthouse at the Premises of Lagos High Court, Igbosere, Lagos; Year – 2005;

ADR Center Abuja; Conciliator: ADR Case Management Software; Application Design, Development & Deployment. Year – 2007;

Onyema Ifende Project; Project Management Collaboration Software; Application Design; Year – 2007;

Kasmal Ogombo Estate Project; Smart Technology Framework Design for Estate, Homes and Infrastructure management; Year – 2011;

Universities & other Higher Institutions; NUHIA College Portal & Environment ICT Infrastructure Project Design for Universities & other Higher Institutions; Year – 2006 to 2008;