My Nonfictional Works Featured

My Nonfictional Works Were Forged From The Knowledge Anvils of Truths, Observable Facts and Of Practical Colors. They Are My Attempts At Expressing My Life Purpose, Which Is To Assist Others Attain Their Own Survival Goals.

Of my nonfictional works, I give credits to the unknown. This unknown wasn't the making of any of my current life background factors - family, education, inspiration, mentors, environment.

This unknown was more of yonder foggy past that I couldn't reach with the certainty of the grip of the mind.

From the earliest reach of my current lifetime, I had seen 'things', known 'things' and been 'things' that were not of my current reality, nor ordinariness.

This extraordinary situation led me onto paths that can best be described as strange, scary, and scantily traversed by the multitudes.

With trembling feet on these wobbly paths. I stumbled upon people and places, and through both - books. These were books that weren't as young as my recollections of memories, nor were they on open display on the shelves of book marts, public libraries, and intellectuals' desks. They were ragged, huge, tiny, dusty, sweetly and badly written, in clear and obscured languages.

While my co-walkers on these strange paths of discovery were reticent in obtaining the 'secrets' laid bare, I basked in them, assimilating them, and forging them into becoming mine.

No knowledge can truly become ones until one takes full ownership of it. This 'ownership' comprised of understanding, responsibility, and control of the knowledge. Without these - understanding, responsibility, and control of the knowledge, one cannot really assimilate and own, less use, the knowledge. My opinion.

With the admixture of the unknown and the 'secrets' of existence garnered from my dreaded searches, I mature my reasonings toward more observation. And these opened the sesame to my consciousness, and therefore the silos of knowledge I offer with such tentativeness of the unsure feet of a toddler as I presumed the society can confront in my nonfiction (and brazenly, with the additives of unrestrained imagination, in my fictional) works.

In my studies, I could discern the fundamental ills of, and joyfully, resolutions to, the difficulties of individuals and social order of humanity. These are purely from my own observation, reasoning and extrapolation, add opinions too.

Of greater shock than becoming stupid at the presence of the known and familiar was the notion that "if everyone knew this, why don't they use same to better themselves, life?"

Well, I had assumed that every learned person in the world knew what I was learning, having considered myself the most junior and stupidest of neophytes that ever existed, and still do.

At the obverse of that proposition of mine to me was "why aren't people interested in seeking the Truth and valuable facts?" This was when it dawned on my ever-curious mind that very few were interested in such desolate and severe matters as I was engrossed in, and with: matters of Truth, Life, and Freedom!

I couldn't tell when what seemed as my life purpose became glued to my being and consciousness, but I made it a duty, prime, to "help people achieve their Life Purpose - obviously of the survival and progressive natures" .

And, so, I write.

I write nonfictional works that touched on the fundamentals of problems and solutions that could assist an individual or group achieve their survival goals as they have determined or will determine and are pursuing.

And, I worked and released the first of the "Nonfiction Series", termed "Social & Leadership Series", with the books, "Fundamental Principles of Leadership"- in 2004 as series 1; "My Family Manual; the Natures of the Family, Health & Problems" - in 2014 as series 2; "Urging Mankind's Sentient for a Resurgence of Humanity" - 2014 as series 3; and "The Perspectives of Astropos: A Philosophy of Livingness" - in 2015 as series 4.

The second body of work I wrapped under "Life Domination Series" included books as: "How To Overcome Fear & the Fearful" - in 2014 as series 1; "How To Create & Enhance Self-Confidence" - 2014 as series 2; "Power, Money, Ability: A Theory of Life Domination" - in 2016 as series 3; "How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening the Human Spirit" - in 2016 as series 4; "How To Affirm Your Greatness" as series 5, produced in 2017; and "Forgive 'Yourself' Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Disability, and Failures", written in 2019/20.

My "Finance & Leadership Series" has a child in "What Is Money & How To Plan Your Wealth", for the time being.