Featuring "Money & How To Plan Your Wealth"

This Is My First Book On The Subject Of Finance & Wealth. It Is Planned For The Financial Freedom Of Everyone.

My “Life Domination Series” works were written with a viewpoint to offer factual and effective information that are critical to aid the appreciation of the warped economic system we created and operate.

It is clear to most any observer that our economic system is parasitic, poverty-creating and rooted in a two fallacious principle: fear of scarcity and absolute need for debts.

This fear drives is the singular catalyst behind every cataclysmic thought, emotion and activity of virtually every individual, group and government on the planet. And, personal, groups and governmental debts are but the nails on the coffin.

An understanding of how the system works can help people make saner decisions. More importantly, the understanding of how to cease useless efforts in attempts to survive in the destructive system is more valuable.