Featuring My "Life Domination Series" Works

These Works Are Crafted To Bringing Understanding To, Enliven
Abilities And Restore Confidence in, An Individual’s Life.

My “Life Domination Series” works are written after years of careful research and study about the frightening subject called “Life”.

In the four books, I attempt to address what I considered the fundamental causes of the problems we, as humanity, have, are creating and are suffering of in the world.

These are those problems which make the world a trying, arduous, and terrifying place to be, do and have a happy and purposeful life.

I postulated, with little suppositions and unfounded opinions, that if we imbibe the knowledge and solutions tendered in these volumes an individual, thus society and humanity, can return to paths of ethics, happiness, creativity and harmony.

The volumes can be read individually as they were not written in ‘chains’.

However, the study of the entire volumes will offer on wholesale understanding of life as I perceive it.

The volumes are as follows:

1) How to Overcome Fear & the Fearful

2) How to Create & Attain Self-Confidence

3) Power, Money, Ability: A Theory of Life Domination

4) How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit

5) A Way To Affirm Your Greatness

6) Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Disability & Failures

for the time being, as I continue to read and study, and hopefully, write.