Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost

Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Disability & Failures

- A Synopsis

The book clarifies the nature of the human being; it shows the errors of the past and current reasoning that “it is human to err”; whereas the human being is a perfect being who’s incapable of error. The Work shows that it is only the expressions of this perfect being that are susceptible to wrongness.

When the expressions of the human being are confused with the person of the being, we get insanity; in thought, emotions and acts, for and against humanity. The fact of what can and is to be forgiven was also clarified. You can’t forgive a perfect being; not if we define forgive as, “let go of”.

The nature of transgression, and what we do when we transgressed and don’t forgive, were laid bare to understanding. The vital issue of what can cause one to transgress against agreed norm, the negative consequences of transgression and unforgiveness are discussed, among which are Life Purpose, factors that Derails a person’s Life Purpose, the Outcomes of Off-Purpose Life & Living.

When a person derails from own self-determined life purpose one becomes embroiled in the havingness of, cohabitation, and embracement with the burning wreckages of failure, disability, and disharmony, with self and life. One’s State of Mind and Being has everything to do with being free of transgression. The condition of one’s mind is a most vital element that must be made harmonious for a purposeful, creative, wholesome and worthwhile life.

If one’s state of mind is healthy, one is far from transgression. It was discovered and presented that there is actually One Genuine Evil that plagued humanity. Denial of self. This is at the root of all transgressions, and their harmful energies. Emotions have everything to do with transgressions and forgiveness. For every physical act we initiate, the emotions are the biomechanisms used to cause those physical actions to manifest.

Therefore, stable emotions are vital. The wherefores whereby our ‘justice’ system creates and natures criminals and the insane are discussed. A society starts to die once such an essential factor as justice is made a profit-focused business venture. The prime roles of the family in the creation of criminals and the insane for the society, the outcomes of which the ‘justice’ system weigh inhumanly against, are discussed, with effective injunctions and exercises that could assist the raising of sane, healthy and more intelligent generation next.

Ethics, the native regulator of the individual, are discussed. The functions of the Conscience in the regulation of the ethical nature of the individual were itemized under, ‘You: A Most Supreme Judge Without Ruth’. What classes of people are there in the society?

The 20:60:20 Principle of Human Intention defines this for one to gain the ability to effectively select and manage friend and familial relations.

The Survive-Succumb Scale defines the level an individual might be in responding to the basic intention and command of Life, Survive. Some are on their way out of the game of life, notwithstanding the age of their bodies; some are reaching for the glorious goal of per their determinism.

The chapter, ‘The Fable, and Facts of Depression’, presents facts, factors, consequences, and remedies for the cliché depression. It clarifies the dangers of supplanting nonmedical problems with chemical-cum-medical solutions. The United States is a great example of the devastating effects and results of chemical solutions on human beings, the ‘justice’ system, and the larger society.

Loss is a wholesome part of life. Life can’t be life without dichotomies such as living and death, up and down, left and right, female and male, et al. Therefore, the injunction that we must win always and at all cost, is a fallacy. Win or lose, your state of mind, your consideration, and your response are the superior and causative elements, and not what you won or lost. You can win, and yet feel awful.

The chapter on ‘A Model Schedule for Healthy Living’ provides a tentative daily schedule that anyone may use for wholesome living. The faithful use of this schedule may assist to deter any inclination for the user to committing transgression or becoming depressed, of the color of the fatal.

The chapter on ‘Forgive Yourself, How To’ details the processes to apply to, at least, take the searing heat off one’s mind vis-à-vis those transgressions, stored harmful energies, and their negative outcomes in one’s life.

Forgive Others, Next, deals with the next stage of removing evils from the world. All evils in the world are created, activated, monitored, and enjoyed (at least by some) primarily by our thoughts.

The application of the processes in the two chapters above is capable of assisting the lessening of evils in the world.

’The Joys of Forgiveness’ itemized the benefits of “letting go” of the searing, ill-causing, poverty-enabling, disabling and destructive negative energies of transgressions in one’s life.

The quote below can be qualified as the core essence of the work, “Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Failure and Disability”:

“Anytime you become ill, unhappy, injured, mistaken, depressed, concluded that you have failed, etc., ask of yourself, ‘who am I using this condition – injury, illness, failure etc. - to 1) impress, 2) obtain sympathy, 3) punish, 4) obtain attention, 5) obtain justice or revenge’ because as divine beings, we bring and keep in existence everything that happens to us, sweet and sour.”

The Work, “Forgive ‘Yourself’ Foremost: A Way To Vanquish Depression, Failure and Disability”, has a total of nineteen (19) chapters of varying sizes. It stands at a total of 74,716 wordcount. It is written for the general audiences of our society, particularly the family, individuals and the administrators of our societies. It is written in simple enough English language (I hope). Although there are few concepts that one who is not well-read may have to take some time to understand; not because of the language, but more of the simplicity of the concepts.

The exercises given in the book were discovered decades past, have been tested and used by the Author to assist people during counseling services and informal occasions. The work renders a fundamental, clear and rational observations and practical solutions to those critical problems which confront us individually and socially.

Social, corporate, and other groups are affected with the consequences of transgression, daily; from theft, to falsification, impersonation, covert destruction of organizations, the list of transgressions against organizations by individual members is endless.

Transgression, otherwise called ‘sin’, ‘offense’ etc. is addressed as to its causes, source, and affects, with a forgiveness model presented for the resolution of both its effects and causes. The ancient cliché, ‘forgive’, was clarified, as to what it is, who should ‘forgive’, what should be forgiven, etc.

Forgiveness was identified as a primary factor to the attainment and maintenance of health, wellbeing, sanity, and prosperity of individual, family, group and the larger society of humanity. One who holds on to a molten rock most definitely would be in a state of persistent and recurrent pain and suffering. That is the state in which most of us operate, therefore, the illnesses, insanity, diseases, crimes, and our dysfunctional individuals, families and society.

Transgression against oneself, others, and life is the primary cause of personal, familial, organizational, and social ills and convulsions. The solution. Some chapters of the book have a few processes, as non-physical exercises, that if conscientiously done, can avail a person in discarding the agonies and consequences of transgressions one holds on to with dear life, to the benefits of the health, intelligence, and general wellbeing of the person.

The book also deals with the source of transgressors. Where do people come from? Family, of course. Who administers the family? Parents, of definite course. What is the basic problem with parenting? Of course, the threatening, abusive, intimidation and violent mode of upbringing of the generation next.

This, in itself, is a transgression, given, and taught to the child as the means of relating with others. What is the role of the family in bringing into being the conditions of a society? The work observes the unwitting failures of parents in the upbringing of the future generation. Parents who are vastly uninstructed in the formation of homes and the family are vested with the roles of procreating (by nature), and the upbringing of children who will be adults, and masters of our fates tomorrow.

These mostly ignorant and superstitious parents depended upon the ways they were raised to raise their own children. Of course, not knowing better, we inadvertently create criminals, the insane and evildoers for the society. Pain, abuse, lies, pretenses, threats, intimidation, and violence, which some refer to as “tough love” (or “soft hate”?).

These subhuman means are the basic mechanisms used by most everyone, governments, and groups within the society to obtain obedience, agreement, and attempt resolutions of conflicts and disputes. How abuses, blows etc. can make a person smarter or well beats my imagination. How abuses can make a friendly and honest person couldn’t seat with comfort in my mind. We only need to read the newspapers headlines to see the outcomes of this mode of upbringing: kidnapper, corrupt politician, corrupt civil servant, armed robber, rapist, contract cheat, prostitute, bandit, terrorist, hater, the haughty illiterate, et al.

The failure of wholesome upbringing, which unleash criminals etc. in the society, is the prime cause which triggered the consideration, passing and ‘enforcement’ of our innumerable, senseless, and draconian laws; laws which only give ability and resolve to the criminal, the social insane, and evildoer, cowering the innocent and ethical citizens.

Our ‘asses’ of Law are enforced in inhuman, brutish, vengeful and insane manners in the wild and drastic efforts to address the offspring of superstitious, dehumanizing, and vengeful mode of upbringing. Yes, the criminals, insane, and evildoers are created and unleashed on the society by families, inadvertently (?).

To cap the malady, we blindly depend upon laws and justice system which were forced on, and irrationally imbibed by, us from the violent and not-so-bright colonialists, to further degrade and dehumanize an already insane person (in the person of the criminal etc.) by the inhuman administration of an inhuman ‘justice’ system. There are few sure things such a system can deliver: stupidity, so sheepish; crimes, so heinous; insanity, so depressive; evil, so dreadful, that the society becomes helpless and hopeless.

Yet, we wondered what is happening to us. And, yet, we repeat the same formula that birth our maladies. And the solution. The solution does lie in the reformation of the manner of upbringing the next generation within the family. No. It does not lie with the government or Law or police.

The family is the prime creator of the good and evils in the society. And, that primordial group is the custodian of lasting and humane solutions to whatever assails the society.

I presented here a model solution for the management of children and women, the former of whom are the victims and potential destroyers of our tomorrow; and the latter, the nurturers and prime instructors of the next generation. I outline a system by which a child may be assisted to attain its best in a loving, patient, and wholesome environment.

I also venture to offer step by step exercises that can be used to assist a child (or anyone for that matter) to gain better memory, become more aware, and have heightened intelligence.

This book, then, addressed the issue of Depression in a separate and whole chapter, titled: the Fallacies and Facts of Depression. What is Depression? What makes depression dangerous and fatal? I show that there must be several factors concurrently at play in a person’s life and living for a person to venture into suicide, and murder. So far, we have not connected the fact that depression (as I defined and clarified it), with the presence of some other critical factors could be a cause of murder, just as it may be of suicide.

A solution.

A step by step schedule that anyone could follow to keep depression at bay, to handle it when it comes, and assist others who may have it, is presented.