How Not To Die

This Book Looks Death, Life, The Spirit And The Physical Universe Right In The Eyes. It Unravels Obvious Truths And Facts That Are So Simple And Bared Naked For All To Perceive And Comprehend. And Being So Simple, These Truths And Facts Had Been Transformed Into Secrets And Mysteries, Used To Torment And Extort.

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How Not To Die: An Attempt At Aiding The Reawakening Of The Human Spirit - An Introduction

The human spirit has managed very remarkably successfully to embed itself into the spinning and unreasoned chaos of the material universe. With this, the being has become entranced, unable to decipher Self from the base matter, body, it drags around.

As a result of this, the human spirit assumes the human body is the provider of its substance, identities, beingness, activities and possessions, and ultimately, sensations.

For this, the human spirit splurges in the mud, lives almost exclusively for and as base matter, and hungers for another body, at the death of a current body.

When a body dies, it dies. There aren’t any remedies to cease or prevent the demise of a body. Anyone offering ‘new body’, resurrecting dead bodies and so on, is deploying efforts to no avail as the ultimate nature of physical bodies is to return to its constituent base atoms of matter.

As the uncensored laws of the physical universe relentlessly and endlessly roll and toll onward, heedless to no other song, so is the imminent expiry of the body, culminating in its return to base atoms which comprised it.

This work is not written, and fortunately so, to proffer solutions to endless life for the human body or any other kind of body.

As all creations must run their lifecycles of 'create/born-persist/survive-destroy/death' and the human body is no exception.

How Not To Die was written to avail anyone an understanding of the divine nature, creative abilities and ethics of the being that we are.

The book clarifies ways and means to attain self-awareness, and ultimate manifestation of the divine sentience and humanity.

The book dealt with the dreaded issues of death; life; ethics; the roles of governments, religious beliefs and educational structures in the increasing rate of insanity, crime and personal, familial, group and social dysfunction; the while offering tenable solutions.