How To Create & Enhance Self-Confidence

This Book Cuts To The Most Fundamental Level Of 'Self', And Direct Your Attention To This Life Essence. It Makes Us Recognize That This 'Self' Is The Cause Of All Actions, Life And Livingness, And So The Central Point Of Creating And Attaining Confidence.

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How To Enhance Self-Confidence: An Introduction

This work is dedicated to the fundamental underlying factors which cause lack of self-confidence or insecurity. It is tended to examine factors which may be the cause of symptoms we observe in an individual who may be considered to be lacking in self-confidence.

When we observe an insecure or uncertain person, we see and sense the following symptoms and reactions; nervousness (uncontrolled motion of body parts like twitching, sweating, agitation etc.), fear, inability to hold a position in a location (constant, but irregular switching from one foot to the other for instance), inability to communicate clearly (stammering, incoherence), disorientation (losing sense of one’s location or subject matter), temporary or permanent malfunction of the endocrine system of the body (‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling, headaches, shallow breaths etc.), loss of mental coherence and so on.

These are not the causes of insecurity, nor are they the real indicators. People who have different kind of problems may exhibit some of the symptoms described above and yet cannot be said to be insecure. In this instance, one will observe that the level of confidence of such a person will also reduce. Let us assume an individual who is at work, happy that everything is going on great, and then receives a bad news.

While the bad news which may have caused him emotional shock and mental disorientation last, we would certainly not expect any 'confidence' in this person. But, the issue with the individual is not an issue of confidence, but a loss.

Therefore, in cases such as this, you cannot apply the tenets and practices of self-confidence as currently known.

However, if one applies the tenets and exercises in this work, one may attain some relief and increased self-confidence. This may be possible because this work cuts to the fundamentals of what may be the causes of bad conditions such as insecurity. This helps to create heightened self-confidence in an individual with better ‘internal’ stability. In addition, it helps the individual gain better control of his or her physical and mental faculties and the extensional environment.

The exercises contained in this work are listed under relevant subject matter which requires such practical approach to handling or overcoming negative factors identified. The exercises are provided along the narratives of relevant subjects to ensure easy flow. You may just read through them and go ahead to the next section or chapter until you get to the last chapter where all the exercises are listed.

The last chapter is titled “Confidence-Enhancing Exercises”, and it contains all the exercises listed ahead in the preceding chapters. It is advised that you partner with someone else who has read this book to work on the exercises together, alternating roles. It is in this chapter that you may need to take up each exercise and practice them until you can do them correctly. When you know how to do the exercises properly, you then do them for real in sequence, one after the other. It might take several days or weeks to complete all the exercises. You need to concentrate on one exercise and do that again and again until you achieve the end-result of the exercise, and then go the next exercise. This is the way the exercises should be done.

Don’t just skip over them or do them nonchalantly, as you would not gain much from them, if at all. Some people may find that they have problem only in one or two areas as described in this work, and in addressing the exercises, may just go to the exercises that relate to the areas of life they want to address, do those exercises; completely done with one before going to the next.

The exercises are meant to be done in the environment suggested, alone or with the help of another as indicated. Do the exercises in sequence; complete one with its objectives attained before going to the next and so on.

By doing the exercises in the ways described here the aim of this work can be attained.

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This book examines factors which may be the cause of symptoms we observe in an individual who may be considered to be lacking in self-confidence.How To Create & Enhance Self-Confidence