How To Overcome Fear & The Fearful

This Book Brooks The Subject Of Fear In All Its Ramifications, Defining, Espousing, And Relating The Dark And Positive Sides Of This Not-very-much Known Factor Of Life, Factor Which Impacted Individuals, Businesses, Societies And The World With Its Venomous Destructive Capacity, If Unseen.

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How To Overcome Fear & The Fearful: An Introduction

Fear is the emotion of dread, trepidation and anxiety with its anticipation of factors of danger, evil and non-survival, real or imagined. A person in fear ‘thinks’ or ‘assumes’ the existence of danger in things, people or situations. This existence of danger and the consequential fear may be real or imagined. Fear, as a reactive emotion, has caused humanity a lot of destructions, deaths, and chaos.

Many a man, woman and society out of fear have been rendered unable to pursue their purposes and create the life they dream and are capable. Fear of consequence, fear of death, fear of illness and so on has made mice out of lions and jellies out of the able. The fear of tomorrow, fear of what might or might not be has resulted in many people ‘living’ on the streets or become patients (experimental mice or victims, one might say) in insane asylums as their weak minds can no longer bear the weight of the loopy ‘thinking’ caused by fear.

The fear of rain, fear of the sun, fear of darkness or light and so on has caused many a man, woman and organization to abandon their objectives. They await a ‘better’ weather in perpetuity. And when the weather condition is better, they fear the condition they fear might come suddenly, and lo! they sit at a spot in a sort of dazed state as life is too ‘dangerous’ to them, and thus apathy and hopelessness enwrap.

The fear that the child might be injured, might become dirty, might be stolen or ran over by something or the other has made many a man or woman into a trepid vegetable. Such men and women who were once children who could not take a single step indoors or outdoors without the dear mother (who probably has departed decades past) screams of “come back here, you will be hurt!” causing them to detour from active progress toward making a great life, thus becoming strenuous hermits.

Many a man has started a ‘fight’, and nation has waged wars solely because of the fear that the other party is planning some evil against them. Usually the words and deeds of the person, organization or society in fear are mostly false and delusory. No one in fear has enough mental capacity to perceive, reason and function effectively. A person in fear probably operates at less than 1% of their mental capacity. If, as Albert Einstein’s proposed, the average individual uses less than 10% of his or her mental potential, one would wonder what margin might be available to the fearful?

Therefore, no person in a society or organization should accept the ‘thinking’ or rationalization and words of the fearful with more than 1% of reality or factuality. The reality of the fear is mostly plain delusions that have taken over the control of the sentient faculty of the individual afflicted with reactive fear. Fear sends men to fight and nations to war. Fear identifies ‘enemies’ and ‘dangers’ in situations, things and people. Fear dictates, motivates and propels the fearful to hate and destroy because others are ‘threats’ to his or her survival or position. When you see someone or nation rushing to a fight or war on the basis that the other person or nation is a ‘threat’, please know that you have a fearful person or nation in your hands. This simple statement should not be discounted because the person or nation has a huge capacity, value and quantity of socioeconomic powers, or coercive and destructive means at their disposal.

The fact that someone or a nation has acquired and is acquiring destructive means and ‘power’ is an indication of fear! Why would countries design, build and stockpile weapons worth several billions of dollars, yet their people cannot properly feed, shelter, educate and produce those things that will make life more meaningful? Some argue this is a “self-preservation” drive.

What “self” is being preserved here? Definitely the ‘self-preservation’ is not of and for the majority of the people. Where is the sense in ‘preserving’ dead citizens and desolate streets? The fact is that in war these are the outcomes that are evident. The ‘glory, valor, honor, heroism and victory’ of soldiers, their generals and leaders of their governments are base delusions. The nation that is being ‘protected and preserved’ is basically composed of the people and their properties. If these were destroyed, then where is the victory?

Maliciously fearful people administering their national governments and their propaganda machine – the media – will swiftly debunk all facts to the contrary, deluging you with ‘expert’ opinions and false data that the acquisition and maintenance of the outrageously expensive murderous weapons are for “National Defense” or the “Protection of National Interests” or “Protection of the National Territorial Integrity” or “Act as Deterrent to the Enemy”. These people do not care if the weapons will bring total darkness to mankind, as in a nuclear exchange. Nuclear weapons armed nations as Russia, China, United States, England, France, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea are those with the capacity to lay the Earth to waste, in fear. Let us not think (as the maliciously fearful in government and the media would like one to believe) that the enemy is some extraterrestrial being or a monster or evil that sucks human vitality and blood for meal. These ‘enemies’ are but another human being of the same race of humanity, in another society, on the same planet.

These human being ‘enemies’ are certainly confronting similar challenges as the other party with the weapons of destruction. The one with the weapons to destroy is the more fearful, and rushes to ‘defend its interests and destroys the threats’ which may be half the planet away from its borders. This is fear with huge volume!

We also have those who are in fear but veil their dread with master-cloth of covertness. Unlike a person who is in real fear, the covertly fearful person is of the worse class. Such a person is creepy and destructive with words, poisons and deceits. This reminds me of Britain’s tactics that caused the collapse of the Persian Empire or secure colonies, poisoning local chiefs, assassinating dissenting voices; vintage covert fear.

In the case of the covertly fearful person or nation, they may not use weapons of war directly. Their classical weapons of destruction include malice, blatant lies, scathing criticisms, deceits, cowardly military strikes when the ‘enemy’ is in deep slumber or far away, grounded glass in the food and poison in the drink. The ‘enemies’ of the covertly fearful are usually their past or current ‘dearest friends’ whom they love to ‘death’. The covertly fearful brings about death through treachery, malice and a knife in the back, among other ‘brave means’.

The advent of global terrorism and the Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Ladin belong to the covertly fearful relationships with a powerful nation. This nation could not directly get involved in a war with another powerful nation and so sourced, funded, trained, armed and used bandits, criminals and insane elements in the general areas of the war to wage an indirect war on the other powerful nation. At the end of that war, the bandits, criminals and insane elements were abandoned along with the knowledge of terror, huge financial means, destructive capacity and ability and weapons. These deranged humans simply turned the funds, knowledge, rage and weapons at their erstwhile lover.

Where a corporate entity is concerned, you will see a marketing and advertisement campaigns that totally shred competing products of other companies to pieces. There is the hostile takeovers which simply means a company hates another so much that it is willing to buy the other company and destroy it. You must have heard of asset stripping; this is another face of covert fear. Someone or company buys a flourishing company and simply tears it to pieces, firing the employees, selling off its assets (machinery, buildings etc.) and totally destroys it. Such action destroys the intellectual property and pride of creation and ownership the founder may have.

You might also have heard of ‘headhunting’ as a means of dislocating the effective human assets of another company. The best minds of the other company are cooed off with impossibly high compensations, not because the fearful company is in real need for these people, but just to cause the other to lose and fail. Of course, there is the nightmare of industrial espionage; this is used for several reasons other than stealing someone’s designs and hitting the market with the product before the company that spends years and millions of dollars developing the technology, for instance. Some engaged in industrial espionage to cause retardation or destruction of the innovative company for sheer fear that the innovative company might become more successful.

On the personal front, you must know that the covertly fearful person gossips like highly pressured leaky water pipe. They speak ‘honey and love’ in the ears of the ‘friend’ and sour and hate of the ‘friend’ to others, particularly those who could influence or decide the survival or non-survival of the ‘friend’. This type of fear is sickening. Even after its deeds are done, none suspects the doer as the cause of the disaster that just claims the lives of people who knew nothing of a crime. With ‘justice’ done as the police, lawyers and the court are wont to say, the innocents get the lethal injection, gas chamber, electric chair or the hangman noose or even quartered as in the days of barbarism in Europe. The covertly fearful, unlike normal human beings with a conscience, joys and delights in the maiming, killing and destruction of others, particularly innocent people whom are considered ‘threats and enemies’. They are delirious with ‘black happiness’ and congratulated themselves that Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi etc. died the most horrible deaths, that Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc. now have democracy (hurray!). The daily bombings, deaths, fear, poverty and mindless transmission of insanity and hatred are delicious nourishments for their blackened souls.

There are ways to tell this sick amongst human beings.

There are ways to lift oneself out of reactive fear to higher productive, creative and happier emotions and lives.

“How to Overcome Fear the Fearful” is the first of a series that attempt to provide factual data and means which could assist to deliver the power to take into one’s control critical aspects of one’s life. The works, in series and as a whole, attempt to deliver principles and practices of attaining the domination of one’s life and its constituents.

Theoretically, one can become better able to conceive, control and attain any life or sub-life goal through one’s self-determinism, thus becoming the captain of one’s destiny.


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They speak ‘honey and love’ in the ears of the ‘friend’ and sour and hate of the ‘friend’ to others, particularly those who could influence or decide the survival or non-survival of the ‘friend’. This type of fear is sickening.How To Overcome Fear & The Fearful