Power Money Ability: A Theory of Life Domination

"Power Money Ability: A Theory of Life Domination" Provides Rare Data And Uncommon Look At The Subjects Of Success, Money, Power And Ability In Relations To The Individual, The Family, Group And Society. Designed As A Framework, This Work Can Assist The Success Of Your Endeavors, Be They Personal, Familial Or Social.

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Power, Money, Ability: A Theory Of Life Domination - Introduction

We all have been attempting ‘successes’ in all endeavors across all time continuums since mankind established a cellular presence on this planet.

We deemed success as an end-goal. Most education, indoctrination and knowledge-giving processes in philosophy, religion, sciences and technology have defined their end, a success or failure. The ability to ‘complete’ the defined steps of the process determines success. And certainly, the reverse and ‘inability’ proclaims one a failure. In this book, an attempt is made to indicate the real nature of success, however briefly. What is the nature of success? Can we liken success to a coma or a full stop?

What are the import of Power, Money and Ability on the individual human being and groups of the species? Those with power have the consideration that it is ‘for the good of the people’. No one ever bother to ask those in power, particularly in political power, what ‘the people’ means. If I consider myself, family and friends ‘the people’, would you give me your support and, if you were not one of my classifications of ‘the people’? Would you expect me to use the power to ‘do good’ to you, not being a family and friend? The politicians are really very good at this: ‘poverty eradication programs’, ‘green revolution’ and all such fantastic projects indeed eradicated poverty and made food out of the bare wild greens a lot of farmlands. Only it is the poverty of the people in charge of the poverty eradication funds that were eradicated. The green revolution only made big, wealthy famers of retiring politicians and military leaders.

If you have heard this statement ‘Money is the root cause of all evil’ it is best to assume that the speaker wants more money for self rather than for others. I dare say that if we human beings left money alone in the vaults of the banks and safes of the ill-wealthy amongst us, the money will lie there and do nothing. Without the admiration and use of money, as a piece of paper (currency) or as previous metals and stones, skills or commodities, these values or real money will remain static and mere objects. It is us human beings who breathe ‘life’ into those objects considered as money or of value. Without the admiration of humans money has no existence. Humans, the beings of life and with life, are the custodians of good and evil. It is in the minds of Man that the greatest good and the foulest evil can originate and not any object without life.

We examine the history, characteristics, types and values of money. We took a very interesting look at money and its variations and variables. We also examined the poverty-creation use of ‘economic theories’ by ‘renowned economists’ of international agencies, governments and central banks, from purely ignorant viewpoint, though! We look at the mechanisms they use in creating scarcity, want, poverty, disease and death among the general global population while maintaining a super-affluence lifestyles for a few. In addition, we consider why having a little bit of the right information about money can make it much easier for an individual or group to break from the scarcity traps.

Ability and competence are explained as dependent and native attribute of human beings. The presence of ability enables competence. Competence is ability fine-tuned. How to increase the expression of ability and fine-tune this to the level of competence are also discussed.

The theory of Power, Money & Ability in the PMA Triangle enlightens us to the fact that these three attributes and tools can cause the real intention of mankind; to dominate. Oh, no! Not that domination! To take ownership, control and command over oneself and all other dynamics on a continuous increasing basis. That is the domination we desire, clarify and are working towards.

“Ability, Money, Power: a theory of life domination” is the third of a trilogy, including “How to Overcome Fear & the Fearful” and “How to Create & Enhance Self-Confidence: a powerful attitude of highly dominant people”. These works are holistic attempts to provide comprehensive and effective data and processes which could deliver the power assume control over all aspects of one’s life. The works, in series and as a whole, attempt to deliver into the hands of people with interest and passion, principles and practices of attaining the domination of one’s life and its constituents or dynamics. Theoretically, one can become better able to conceive, control and attain any life or sub-life purpose or goal through one’s self-determinism, thus becoming the source and captain of one’s destiny.

Theoretically, the framework in this book can assist one can become better able to conceive, control and attain any life or sub-life purpose or goal through one’s self-determinism, thus becoming the source and captain of one’s destiny.Power, Money, Ability: A Theory Of Life Domination