Featuring My "Social & Leadership Series" Works

These Are Researched Works That Could Assist The Prosperity, Wellbeing and Harmony of Families, Groups and Societies.

My “Social & Leadership Series” works actually blaze the trail of my journey into authoring.

My first work, “Fundamental Principles of Leadership” written in 2004, launching into writing took ‘everything’ from me.

At the time the first work was maturing in my mind, I was just returned from a trip of long study. My “Social & Leadership Series” works resulted few years after.

These volumes were written to offer what might be termed ‘alternate positions’ ,/I>to the numerous expositions on the subjects of leadership, sentience, justice, family, and personal philosophy.

My “Social & Leadership Series” works are entitled:

1) Fundamental Principles of Leadership
2) My Family Manual: Nature of the Family, Health and Problems
3) The Perspectives of Astropos: A Philosophy of Livingness
4) Urging Mankind’s Sentience for the Resurgence of Humanity

for the time being, as I continue to read and study, and hopefully, write.

These volumes are written as standalone works, but are best read together, to gain broad appreciation of my postulations.