My Family Manual: The Natures of the Family, Health & Problems

Do you really know your 'family'? I don't think so! Well, you surely know your family, but... This book will be the most shocking book you'll read in a long time. It bares obvious secrets and mysteries that enwrap the family, making it seem incomprehensible. Is 'blood' thicker than any other element? Well, get a copy of this book for yourself and your 'family' members and friends, and find out.

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The idea of this book was born out of the desire to communicate a different, and maybe useful, idea and tools for people aspiring to create or maintain a better family.

The family unit has been mankind’s bastion against wholesale barbarism. Notwithstanding its ineffectiveness in the face of mega nation-states and global domination agendas of a segment of mankind, it yet stood as the main means of recovering the individual to his or her pride of place in the universe as a truly humane and sentient being. The evolution of the family from its bleak and blurry past into a most dynamic blood-based (I better say, gene-based) association with its significant impacts on micro and macro environment of the world is fantastic. That man, woman or child without any form of familial composition or attachment is yet to be alive.

A bane of the family and the general society is the idea that there are illnesses and ill-health that some experts are working daily to resolve. The fallacies that the research, development and practice emanating from laboratories where the mice is the best form of 'human' to be tested for diseases and the resolutions of illnesses and diseases is rather strange.

Stranger is the fact that the philosophy behind these sciences of diseases is the idea that the human being is nothing, but an animal. Yet stranger is the fact that evidences abound that most of the ‘illnesses’ which plague mankind are ‘psychosomatic’ or illnesses which are created and resulted from ‘mental traumas’.

Yet, the human 'experts' kept vigil at the laboratories of mice and chemicals seeking for a solution to something that is not physical, animal or chemical. It is said that over 70% of the ailments which plague mankind are psychosomatic in origin. The less than 30% left are mostly resulting from accidents, cuts and the action or inaction of microorganisms such as virus, bacterial and other germs. Even then, mental stress of the individual contributes to predisposing the body to illnesses of the germs and viral kinds.

When the cause of the 70% of the illnesses which plagued mankind are resolved, an individual will no longer have much of an illness left, other than injuries to the body or medical needs resulting from accidents, physical impacts, abrasions and obstetrics and the likes.

This book also idealizes the rethinking of problem as a bad, unwanted and contra-development or a non-survival phenomenon. The idea that all problems are strange bedfellows to life and livingness is rather unreal in itself.

When observed carefully, one would come to the realization that without problem, a man, woman or child would be slightly less than dead, in actual fact. Doesn’t a dead individual constitute a problem to the people in his or her immediate environment?

Creating, confronting and working at surmounting problems, knowingly and functionally, make for a happy, healthy and highly intelligent person, and by extension, family. The balancing acts which make this ‘I don’t want problem’ on the mental plane and ‘I am functionally alive’ on the physical livingness plane is rather magical. Those people who desire a life devoid of problems almost always are creating problems unknowingly, and thus are never free of undesirable problems. A life devoid of problem is a mirage, and unattainable. What a person means when he or she cringes from ‘problem’ is: the desire to not want a life filled with unwanted, unknown and overwhelming situations or odds: undesirable problems.

I propose that if a family redirects its members toward the ideas enumerated in this book, a greater wellbeing, health and attendant happiness may be the lot of that family.

This book did not stop at professing theories and ideas. It contains practical exercises that could be easily done by one or more persons to increase general ability to reach and withdraw, effectiveness inn handling life, improved memory, overcoming confusion and undesirable problems.

This book could be a valuable reference manual for your family.

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