Featuring My "Metaphysical Short Stories" Works

These Are Fast Paced, Strange And Compelling Yarns, Forged To Be Bested In An Hour Of Leisure And Ease.

Of my Metaphysical Short Stories, most times, after becoming at home and friendly with my monsters of the mind and bend, and gaining better grip with their incongruities, I discovered that short stories of the pitch, timber, tone and volume sanctioned by my dark companions can afford me the peace of being ‘normal’.

I discovered that the resulting words from my offerings could be lengthy or Lilliputian. And, with that discovery, I let out series of short stories of the metaphysical nature.

My discovery notwithstanding, I love my agonizing labor that births lines of wobbly, weird, wild, fine, educative, informative, entertaining natures.

With time, I became intelligible to the secrets lying behind and above my short stories. These secrets act as though a cornerstone upholding my stories' right to life.

Permit me to unleash one of the imprisoned secrets, though: my short stories are swift summaries of the storms of stories wresting in my mind, scampering over one another, to beam their lights to reality.

As short stories, they hold time bound afore they are born and espoused into full novels, by the instrument of my hands, in due course of time.

My short stories include:

1) A Death Made By Love
2) Pheromone Fury
3) Through The Spider’s Vortex
4) Stuck In Two Dimensions
5) An Interplanetary Empire's Ghostship's 3.5 Millennia Mission and
6) A Meld Of Two Monstresses Born Of My Thought

for the time being, as my monsters of mind and bend permit.