Pheromone Fury

This fast-paced story revealed the hearts, secrets and travails of two young ladies and a young bank executive wrapped in a convoluted love affair. The ladies sought means, black and red, beyond the ordinary to obtain their hearts' desires, and hell's denizens were summoned, and banished before havoc visited, for love to reign.

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Pheromone Fury is a story about a not-so-young lady, Tanwa, who desired “her own man” for husband. She dreaded having a man who will look at, much less engage in a relationship with, another woman.

Tanwa sought the help of a Wicca witch online, and using the appropriated sorceress portions, unwittingly unleashed hell on her mother’s banker whom her mother was surreptitiously attempting to match-mate with her.

Tanwa didn’t like the banker who was drawn to her by the magic. Eventually she discarded the portion, frustrated with the whole magic stuff.

Over the night when she ditched the sorceress portion, she dreamt of her ‘husband and children’. The following afternoon, she decided to have lunch outside, even though she never liked the idea and had food at home. She ran into her father, who was being driven to a business lunch, and joining them, weird stuff erupted, and she found her true love.

“Someone said one can use feromon or something. That it would get the person back.” The boy said. Pheromone, Chapter 6

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