Stuck In Two Dimensions

Have you ever been told or heard stories that there are alternate universes to this physical universe of ours? Yes> No? Well, meet someone who had been held bound in the sister universe of our physical universe. But for the fortune of electrifying love that he shared with an amazing lady, he could have died in body in this universe whilst the actual him (the being, soul) wonder the alternate universe forever, or until he learned of its ways and means. Come, let's share in this amazing experience.

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“Stuck In Two Dimensions” is a short story of the science, fantasy and metaphysical themes bundled into one wholesome rendition of the adventures of a guy who penetrated the portal to the Physical Universe’s alternate, twin, universe.

The story started with a short history of the guy, Tieka, from childhood attempting to understand the fact or otherwise of the existence of another world, an alternate universe, first from his parents, and then through books.

Over the period of his growth and development, he’d learned to differentiate between chaffs and seeds of knowledge, suppositions and fallacies.

On the fateful day when the portal linking the Earth’s physical universe and its sister universe became opened, Tieka went shopping at the nearby mall. He started observing, faintly, strange apparitions of people who were certainly not in his space. He got home, and hell was loose.

As time matures he became more and more able to perceive the alternate universe. He struggled to appreciate the realities of the alternate universe, scampering to safety from phantom truck and jetliner which were bent on ‘running him down’.

Towards the end, Tieka’s actual being (soul, spirit) was becoming sucked in into the alternate universe, trapped. Meanwhile his body sat stultified, dying, on his sitting room sofa. Tieka’s being was becoming severed from the physical universe, his body, love and all that he knew, loved and hated, until the arrival of Khomey, his love, whom they share uncommon and extraordinary bond.

In less than one hour, you will be transported to a universe incredibly fantastic in its nature, workings and phenomena; witness the expressions of love that’s purely electric; peep into humanity’s fatalistic solutions to mental illness, and gain factual data about the human mind and its potentials and limitations.

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