Through The Spider's Vortex

This is a story which takes you through the colorful, whirling and tumultuous hurricanes of a vortex to a planet, universe, place unknown to human realities and imaginations... well, but here! Come with me to experience a reality that beats everything we know, and maybe we both can find a 'home', an unknown, but familiar peace.

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Through A Spider’s Vortex is a short metaphysical story that’s headed for a full novel’s life.

The story is about a guy who was attacked by a giant spider in his home. After battling the spider to destruction, the guy went about restoring his spider’s guts-swarmed home to cleanliness.

Nearing the completion of his task, he ventured to look at his bed only to be confronted by a whirling, humming phenomenon. Getting closer to investigate further, he was whisked away through the vortex into a nothingness, and then a weird world.

He battled with a most trying system of perception and communication and eventually discovered his purpose through reentry into the world of nothingness. He reentered the strange world and confronted an army of spiders, wading through them to come face to face with the most beautiful and horrid giant spider ever.

He scaled huddles and eventually destroyed the goddess spider, only to find himself in another vortex, this time, desirable and serene, which delivered him back to his bed, and Earth.

The story is very short, annoyingly so short I’m working to novelize it.

Here, take a peek into the weird language in the weird world of the Spider:

“?ereh teg uoy did woH .ereh eb reve ,reven ,ton dluohs uoY .su ,em rof efas ton si sihT“ (reads, “This is not safe for me, us. You should not, never, ever, be here. How did you get here?”) Through The Spider's Vortex, Chapter 3