Year-end 2022 Action Steps-2

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Year-end 2022 Action Steps for a Fulfilling 2023 - Part 2


While most people think that a goal is the starting point of a Goal-setting process, it bears mentioning that without a clear definition of one’s Life Purpose, every goal and its sundry realization action steps will fail, in the main.

Without defining our Life Purpose, all efforts and other investments applied to create a desirable and worthwhile life for ourselves will become as we see of virtually every one of us – inadequate, unfulfilling, and even chaotic.

In the absence of this divine and native force called Life Purpose, we would have delivered into our life goals that are disconnected and disjointed and even criminal, efforts that are unaligned and counteracting and nullifying other efforts, and investments that cost and lacking in returns. while trying to obtain our desirable desires.

The first step in defining and executing a goal-attainment process is to define your Life Purpose.

And what is a Life Purpose?

A Life Purpose could be considered as the primary, most essential, most compelling, most attracting intention which inspires and motivates every thought, emotion, drive, and action of a person toward the causation of something one deeply desires for one’s current lifetime.

Life Purpose is a primary native intention that is so strong, so vivid, so livid, and ultra-enthralling towards which every causation effort emanates.

If you see someone who has become stupid, insane, criminal, immoral, etc., know that a failed or suppressed or counteracting Life Purpose is at work in their life.

If you know of the forceful power of gravity, plus the counteracting and supplementary and complementary forces of centrifugal and centripetal forces acting in unison as that which keep the planet Earth enlivened and steady and lifeform-supporting, then, you will have some inclination of the power that your Life Purpose can command and emanate.

In simpler terms, what is the power and intention that lies behind and above that critical "thing” that you want to see manifest by the aggregate of your actions, intelligence, sentience, etc., in your life? Why are you here? That is Life Purpose.

Once a person’s Life Purpose has been uncovered (there is no doubt that you have already defined it, if you are capable of reading and understanding these words), then, your Goals, grand and small, and sundry efforts and investments must be made to align with the Life Purpose.

While a Life Purpose can be considered as the foundation of a building, your several goals will be the pillars that sit on the foundation, giving enablement to the additional components that will make for a wholesome building.

Without a foundation, no durable building may manifest.

Without a clearly defined Life Purpose, no durable, or even rational, the goal may be made manifest.

We can also attempt to understand Life Purpose by considering it as the architectural master design for your life which delineates the diverse, but big, action steps (goals) that must be done to manifest the exact intention that you have for your life.

So, our first action step for this 2022-ending email series is for us to DEFINE OUR INDIVIDUAL LIFE PURPOSE.

Once this is done, we can verily invade the well-trudged path of Goal setting.

Until next time, do continue to strive for the best that you intend via your Life Purpose.

Babatunde Odutola

MetroSculpters Consulting
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