Year-end 2022 Action Steps-3

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Year-end 2022 Action Steps for a Fulfiling 2023 - Part 3


We hope you had fun uncovering your Life Purpose over the last few days. If you are yet to do this vital-most step, please, endeavor to do it as everything else you may want to attempt in the coming year will be dependent on it.

So, we have defined or rather uncovered our Life Purpose. Whatever yours is, we are certain it must be incredible!

Now, let us get into the goalsetting process.

We are going to handle how to define Goals that integrate with and can enable the attainment of Life Purpose as the second step of our goalsetting process.

Let us imagine your Life Purpose was “To Be, Do, and Have as a god.”

There is no reason why it should not be for those of us with such awareness, you know.


The Goals for such a massive Life Purpose as defined above must cover the entire spectrums or dynamics of one’s life.

Therefore, the goals should encompass:

1. Goal for personal development and enhancements, – this goal has to do with oneself as a composite human being and everything that can aid your utmost survival.

2. Goal for family development and enhancements, – this has to cover every individual who belonged to your family, and the family (be it nucleus or extended) as an organ itself and everything that can aid the utmost survival of yourself, every other individual in the family, and the family itself.

3. Goal for professional development and enhancement or business or organizational development, – which goal has to do with the search, discovery, acquisition, assimilation, duplication, understanding, knowing, utility, rendition, and enrichment of the vital knowledge, ability, competence, knowhow, and skills that could assist in the attainment of the highest level of professionalism, business or organizational mastery to aid the upmost survival of yourself, every member of your profession, business, or organization, and the organization itself.

4. Goal for financial freedom, – which goal has to do with the discovery of the laws, ways, and means of the acquisition, understanding, utility, and enrichment of your financial and wealth holding, enabling you to have the freedom of decision, mobility, and other means of survival.

(Note: it will be wrong to include this with any other goal, for instance, that which has to do with business as the purpose of business is not to make money, but assist the development of society, using a precise and disciplined methodology.

5. Goal for social development, – which goal has to do with the acquisition, utilization, and maintenance of a good quantity of good friends and associates whose relationship can further the attainment of your freedom to acquire and affect the decisions, mobility, and other means of survival of yourself, the friends, and the larger society.

The five (5) items are the gross minimum advised.

If you are spiritually inclined (we do not know any human being who is not), then, devise a sixth (6th) goal for the acquisition of enlightenment, increase in, and enhancement of, your spiritual aspirations.

If we take a careful look at the Life Purpose used as an example above with the several eyes of the goals defined, we will realize that there is a symbiotic connection.

In other words, if we are able to attain the defined goals, we would be on the road, and closer, to attaining the Life Purpose we defined.

This is how a goal is made:

1. Define your Life purpose

2. Define the Goals that will lead to the attainment of that Life Purpose.

The result will be a balanced, sane, orderly, but incredibly adventurous life.

We shall deal with the other aspects of goal setting in our subsequent conversations.

Our second action step for this 2022-ending email series is for us to DEFINE THE GOALS THAT ALIGN WITH, AND WILL LEAD US TO ATTAIN, OUR LIFE PURPOSE.

Until then, do continue to strive for the best that you intend via your Life Purpose.

Babatunde Odutola

MetroSculpters Consulting
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