Fundamental Principles of Leadership

This is a book of the most fundamental of all espoused principles of leadership. Whereas, leadership 'principles' changes with vogue and fancy, those based on natural laws of life hardly resort to anything but their immutable state. This is one of such books. It should be a vital denizen of your office and home bookshelves, work desk, and a regular reference companion to understand the politics of leadership at any level.

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The “Fundamental Principles of Leadership” was written to assist a deeper and more purposeful look into the subject of leadership, with particular inclination for leadership development.

The “Fundamental Principles of Leadership” started with great leaders, in the opinion of the Author, and their perceived lessons and contributions to the making of a better world for all.

Some daring definitions for key words used in knowledge-transfer and development processes were given under the title of Prelogics and Leadership Factors. In the estimation of the author, these key concepts have been so wrongly defined to cause a great deal of confusion to unwary seekers of knowledge, particularly the younger generation. The reader will have better appreciation for the work when the definitions under Prelogics are properly grasped and digested.

Still under the title of Prelogics and Leadership Factors come the Leadership Trail Factors. This section essentially provides a rapid journey through the history of humanity on Earth, with specific look at how leadership, society and groups emanated and changed as progress and retrogression visited humanity. This section gives a fast and generally agreeable look at how we got here.

Then the Leadership Fundamentals are itemized from number one (1) to one hundred and twenty (120). The basis for this numbering is only to provide guided look at the Fundamentals. The sequence of numbering the fundamentals attempts to follow subject-matter and logical flow, with the intention of providing the reader with clearer view at the value of a Fundamental or a group of Fundamentals.

Some of the Fundamentals may seem a little too simple, and therefore hard to comprehend. This is so because clarifying a concept to conceptual understanding requires definite choice of words. The resolution of this lies basically in ensuring that where a confusion etc. occurs, the word that may cause this is properly and completely defined in a dictionary, if not covered in the glossary.

Some key concepts that derived some of the Fundamentals are further explained in the essays, listed under Appendices. The first of which is entitled “The Leadership PELt (Personality, Environment, Leadership type) Triangle”. This essay provides vital data and principles on developing and sustaining leadership environment and succession planning.

The second essay is entitled “The Leadership Coin Principle”. This gave us a look at the dichotomy of leadership versus people, development initiator and implementer versus development target audience (the mass of the population that have the sovereign power of a nation-state on whose behalf a select few manage the affairs of state).

Then comes the glossary and bibliography; information that are vital to achieving better understanding of “The Book of Leadership Fundamentals”.

You may read the book piecemeal, by Fundamentals, starting from anywhere, with no damage done. One may choose to read it thoroughly, from the beginning to the end. A scholarly person may derive more pleasure and value by studying the book, fundamental-by-fundamental and looking at the bases for some of the Fundamentals as given in the Essays as well as the Bibliography.

This is more a reference work than a ‘how-to’ instructional book. You could read a book on say “One Minute Leadership”, whatever. You could then compare the basic logic of that book to that of the principles as defined in “The Book of Leadership Fundamentals” and determine if it is on- or off-course.

The reader may also wish to research a specific field of leadership. “The Book of Leadership Fundamentals” provides ‘bird-eye’ view and guiding principles, on which one may set his or her research course.

The leadership development frameworks contained in the “Fundamental Principles of Leadership” are invaluable for those individuals, corporate, social and political organizations that may have need to design or redesign their leadership successor strategy.

There are whole lots of ways that “The Book of Leadership Fundamentals” could be of benefits to all. Find yours!

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