Year-end 2022 Action Steps-4

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Year-end 2022 Action Steps for a Fulfilling 2023- Part 4


Hopefully, we have gotten hold of our Life Purpose, those vital Goals that will assist our active strive towards the realization of this essential life purpose, and the Ideal Scenes of our goals and Life Purpose which will indicate to attained milestones toward our goals and life purpose.

Otherwise, we yet have a task to bring these about as the holidays make a firm ingress into our life activities.

Today, we are going to address the factor that is the modality with which we express ourselves in existence.

This factor is the Condition of Existence, of which BE, DO, and HAVE are its composite parts.

We can only express our Life Purpose and attendant goals by the condition of existence. We can have a life purpose or goal to Be or Have, Not Be or Not Have.

Understand that the bridge between To Be and To Have, and Not To Be and Not to Have is Do, or action.

Also, know that Be, Do, Have are on an interactive and mutually influencing, dependent, and cyclical triangle.

This is such that whatever happens to one of the angles of the triangle will happen to the others in the same measure and gravity.

Know that for us to Have or Not Have, we must first Be, then, Do, and in living life, one must, on the attainment of a Have or Not Have, Be or Not Be goal using Do, we have to continue to in a lifetime cycle, until our life purpose is attained (an impossible end-phenomenon).

Do we want to BE more knowledgeable, wealthier, healthier, influential, able, or competent, etc. or NOT BE stupid, poor, ill, noninfluential, less able, or incompetent, etc.? These will be proper goals (if expressed for less than a whole lifetime period), or a life purpose if essential on a grand lifetime scale.

We can also express the above desirable life purpose or goal in the HAVE or NOT HAVE mode. Do you want to HAVE more knowledge, etc., or NOT HAVE less knowledge, etc.? as the case may be.

Alright. Let us know that the tool with which we Be and Have is through Do, action.

Whatever goals we have designed to enable the strive towards our life purpose have to be PLANNED out with clear ACTION STEPS that are DOABLE, GOAL-ITERATIVE, and OUTCOME-deliverable.

The action steps of our plans, the plans which are derived from our goals, the goals which are the enabler of our life purpose, are the veritable means with which to BE or HAVE whatever we desire.

Once we work these out by ourselves or with the help of trusted aid, we are on our way to a very active, purposeful, and result-oriented 2023, breaking new ground, overcoming barriers, and expanding across our life dynamics.

Until next time, let us continue to strive to thrive on a grander scale than ever!

Babatunde Odutola

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