Urging Mankind's Sentience for the Resurgence of Humanity

This is a global geopolitical work. It attempts to bring to the doorstep of every individual human the underlying source and causes of the problems that bedevil us as spiritual beings using bodies to live in the physical universe, at least Earth's portion of it. With two contending frames of reference and thinking, humanity seems to be loosing the 'humanity' frame and values, becoming more and more mechanically savage, if in nice velvety suits and suites. This work reveals that you and I are the architects of whatever ails us, and thus, the sources of the solution.

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There are two basic attributes mankind uses to reason and function. These attributes are observable and operative in every man, woman, child and society on the Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Physical Universe.

These attributes, which are core, for want of better and clearer words, I shall call ‘Sentience’ and ‘Humanity’.

Sentience is that attribute which applies rationality, abstract and scientific methodologies towards the survival of the human being, as physical beings; of groups and races; and of the mankind, as overall genus. Sentience dictates that whatever is must be perceptible, measurable and contactable wholly and completely, directly or indirectly, through physical or artificial man-made means. The physical means implies the use of the body’s system of perception, while artificial man-made means are extensional aids such as mechanical devices. In other words, if you were unable to see ‘something’ with your body’s eyes, a microscope will be acceptable aid to enable you see that ‘something’ which you could not see with your body’s eyes. If both means cannot achieve the sighting of the ‘something’, sentience then concludes the ‘something’ does not exist.

Therefore, we find two main factors propelling the sentience of mankind. The first is the application and complete reliance on the senses and perceptive systems of the body. The second, and by extension, is the use of and dependence upon mechanical devices and means when the senses of the body fail. Of course, the body, being a machine in its own, has become the ‘ne plus ultra’ and the prime and only basis underlying all thoughts, reasoning, emotions and actions of sentient humanity.

The second core attribute, termed humanity or humaneness, should be the senior, if twin attribute, to sentience. While sentience is a created and learned frame of reference, thinking, reasoning and action, humanity is innate in the core being of every woman, child, man and the genus. You cannot teach anyone humaneness or humanity. He or she expresses it fully, mostly or weakly. Any learning process that tends to assist or enhance heightened expression of humaneness in a human being must recognize the fact that the attribute is innate to the being. For this reason, humanity or humaneness enhancement efforts must firstly address the “why or how the humanity of a person declines or seems absent”.

Compassionate, empathic and intuitive reasoning are some of the factors which define humanity from sentience as a reasoning model. A humane person will reason in the same direction of survival as the sentient. However, the humane will reason and work towards the survival of all and for all, every beings and enliven entities, rather than for self alone or for the strong only. The weak, unable, incapable, ill, diseased, insane, defenseless and sick will receive resurgent attentions from a humane human. Conversely, the sentient human will only visit derision, abandonment or further degradation of conditions of weak, unable, incapable, ill, diseased, insane, defenseless and sick by the application of narrow frame of reference of sentience.

The humane human will strive, at the risks of own comfort, livingness and, sometimes, life, for the survival of self and others. Such a being will strain to bring succor, help and hope to the hopeless. He or she will suffer insomnia to attend to the ill, sick and disabled who cannot afford or access treatments. A child, man, woman or society that adhere humanity as a basic tenet will seek no war or conflict, cause an end to famine, abstain from pollution, eradicate poverty and disease. Such beings will challenge the human spirit to create peace where it is considered ‘impossible’, harmony and cooperativeness for happy, joyous and prosperous living of all beings and entities.

Anyone could tell from the above synopsis of the two core characteristics of mankind that both are extremes and impractical. The sentient-only being and society will soon hit the bottom of physical matter. The constituents of the sentient are basically the laws, ways and means of the physical universe or ‘nature’. When a being obeys and abide the laws, ways and means of the material universe or physical body, such a being tends to become ‘one with the matter or body’ or an extension of matter or body.

This ‘becoming one with’ eventually results in death for all. We could see the ‘becoming one with’ the physical universe of current mankind society as the ways and means are already at hand to destroy all life; nuclear weapons, and probably much worse silent weapons of annihilation we are yet to become aware.

On the humanity scale, it is obvious that a humane human of the extreme order will likely die of starvation, needs and wants as he or she abandons efforts at the survival of self, for others. Where the sacrifice of the humane human does not kill, those for whom he or she strains, strives and stresses will. Remember a fellow somewhere around the Middle East who went about the areas speaking of ‘compassion, forgiveness, love’ and so on? He gave all of himself to aid the ill, the poor, and the fearful. He had a singular focus, which is to bring about an increase in the humaneness or humanity in the lives of the mostly suffering people. Definitely, those people's minds were in the firm grip of Aberrant Sentience and Abased Humanity. The leaders of the people of the area, like most other parts of mankind’s world, led with such dispassionate ruthlessness and fed their insatiable greed to the brim, like vampires. The common people, on the other hand, lived and are home to agony, terror and subservience that will subject your innate humanity to the most extreme test of patience or understanding. What happened to fellow around the Middle East afterwards? How much of one can one give to others?

However and contrary to extant admonitions and peddled solutions that mankind becomes more sentient, the challenges that confronted mankind can mostly be addressed with more humaneness or humanity than sentience.

Our current civilization order or mode of operation is hinged on hypertensive disregard (at best) for humaneness, with complete entrenchment in and dependence on the laws, ways and means of the physical universe. Slight humaneness, if any, exists to assist a counterbalance to our mechanical dependence on sentience and thus, ease the poverty, anguish and hopelessness that engulf the vast majority of humanity to the advantage of a tiny proportion of the gluttonous privileged.

You must have inferred that another solution is necessary to resolve the ridges created by the current frames of reasoning, one of which outplays the other to the detriment of mankind. The ‘outplay’ is a misnomer as there is really no contest between the ruthless sentience and dismal humanity. Well, such is the situation, locally and globally, where the unceasing brutality of sentience overwhelms humanity and sanity. One sees the dispassionate ruthlessness of our sentience frame of reference in the structure of our society, justice systems, interrelationships of people and nations, conducts of commerce, healthcare delivery, security systems, defense systems (which are now ragging offensive systems), production and most other aspects of mankind’s civilization.

Obviously, our sentience frame of reference is not serving the overall purpose of life; “survival and wellbeing for as many of all as it is possible”. I contend that survival and wellbeing should be for all, at an irreducible minimum level. We should define that ‘irreducible minimum level’ and make sure there is no one single human that lives below that level. This does not and is not intended to make for a raving maniac seizing power in societies, intending crusades and revolutions to rescue mankind.

From all indicators, and using factual and abstract methodologies of the sentient, every human being on the planet can be fruitfully engaged with access to all the basic necessities of life. This will still leave room for hyper-abundance of the greedy, the materialistic capitalists among us.

This book proposes a third and vital attribute as: “humane-sentience”.

This book attempts to point to a way, way-away, from the materialistic greed and insanity that currently grip mankind, like a vice. This greed and insanity are personal, organizational, societal and of the genus. For instance, at personal level, violence is the most pervading, most prevailing and easily ‘reasoned’, effort to resolve a conflict of opinion or desire to satisfy needs and wants.

At organizational and societal levels, we are confronted with corruption, malice, fights and quarrels among the beings that make up such organization or society. At the national, regional and supranational levels, disagreements of the mildest kind is a trigger for insurgency, war and general chaos conceived and birthed by the utter dependence upon the dictates of sentience-derived laws, means and ways. If the chaos of the physical universe is pervasive in the thoughts and actions of ‘humane’ beings, be it known that such beings are subservient to the ‘great god’ physical universe and subjected to its laws and modes of operation.

Mankind is limited only by the core knowledge that motivates its thoughts, emotions and actions. The response or reaction of a person to any challenges is driven by known and familiar experience, knowledge and methodology (how to). In order to play in the game of life (alive as physical beings) mankind has degraded itself far too low to the level of matter disproportionately to his innate qualities than is necessary.

I am not suggesting that we have enough understanding, knowledge of or have optimized the utilization of the laws, ways and means of the physical universe. I am only bringing to our attention and emphasize that we have a blind, unreasoned and inhumane dependence on the little we know and are using of the laws, ways and means of the physical universe. We are enthralled with matter and the tools of the physical in such an overwhelming and unreasoned way that our humaneness or humanity is abandoned and has become a strange behavior and a sign of ‘weakness’.

Probably, and I am inclined to agree, mankind is still evolving towards awareness of its true native beingness, as individuals and a genus. We are also so far from having a good grasp of the laws, ways and means of the physical universe, such as to make any assertion that there is no more evolution in that respect. Our tiny and local solar system is still pretty much a huge distance for us to reach even with the aid of toys we proudly call space technology. Our galaxy is uncharted, again except through toy-devices such as telescopes. The entire universe awaits our ripeness, as a genus, to command the abundant wealth of life that the Creator has enriched mankind.

The way open to mankind is not to switch to being completely humane, either. If we were to become completely humane to the detriment of our sentient reasoning attribute, we will end up as sheep on the food chain. Of course, there are those who desire this, that mankind becomes sheep, so we can be herded to slaughter without a whine. There have been efforts to make mankind or a race into sheep for easy slaughter in the past. But the indomitable human spirit and it’s cry and strive for freedom, never capitulated.

The current ‘fruits’ of this civilization (one would question the use of the word with goodly ideals to describe how we live and relate) are such that call every thinking person to alarm, at least unease. The majority of the ‘strong’ in world are of the base type, Aberrant Beings. The characteristics, attitudes and nurturing environment of the ‘Aberrant Beings’ are those of the current social order. What causes the existence of the Aberrant Beings? How and why did a glorious being become so debased, and ‘joy and prosper’ in the mud they confused for life? These questions are clarified as much as possible to avail understanding and a key to opening the doors to the emerging true beingness of mankind.

Yes!, mankind is awakening.

The ‘formula’ to enable ‘humane-sentience’ beingness of mankind was tied to allying both known attributes of sentience and humanity. A descriptive graph of the impact of several ‘measures’ of the admixture of sentience and humanity is tendered. One can use this visual tool to determining which measure of a mixture of sentience and humanity is sufficient to have a super creative, healthy, prosperous and flourishing society, for all.

The graph indicates that: “a totally sentient being tends to lack humanity, tending toward inhumanity or inhumaneness”. Alternately, “a totally human being tends to lack logical and calculated reasoning thus becomes incapable of expressing necessary force to survive”.

This work is based on deductions of this graphical presentation, using as much of factual data as they are available.