Year-end 2022 Action Steps-1

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Year-end 2022 Action Steps for a Fulfilling 2023

Part one – Wednesday, 7th September 2022

Please, accept our warm greetings and regards!

The year 2022, albeit of an artificial calendar, is on its way out of our lives and present time reckoning – for good, we believe.

Some of us must be going through the process of evaluating the success or otherwise of the goals we set for ourselves, families, and organizations; asking these questions: “did I attain my goals?” or “did I fail to achieve my goals?”

Often, we miss a point in our evaluation of our activities. And that point is this: "absolutes are unobtainable”.

We can never fail or succeed in absolute terms. Those people who have failed or succeeded are those who are, and can, no longer be with us.

What we sure can do is "failing” or "succeeding”.

And we can only be succeeding or failing in measures: “how well are you succeeding?” will be the ultimate sensible question to ask of us.

Well, we at MetroSculpters Consulting wish that we are succeeding in attaining our desirable and worthwhile goals in higher measures than we envisaged or when compared to a past time.

In welcoming you to the end of 2022 and in the course of the next few weeks, we shall be providing us with useful information on goal setting. It is a norm that the majority of us will start to invest effort and time in evaluating our goals of 2021 and start to set new goals for 2022.

As this brilliant year (to us, and we hope to you too) stages an eternal retreat from our estimation, except in hindsight and reverie, we ask that you join us.

We want to specially express our appreciation to those individuals and organizations that have made our years, especially 2022, a brilliant one.

1. GEC Group, Jos, Abuja, Lagos, UK.
2. Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited
3. Exelux Properties Limited
4. Dr. Mabel Magbulu-Monina
5. Portal Consultancy Services Limited
6. Portal Oil & Gas Marine
7. Trip Star Limited
8. JTF Global Services Limited
9. Dr. Oluwatayo Solomon Fashogbon
10. insuranceHUB Limited
11. Livingstone Insurance Brokers Limited
12. Mr. Titus Abe
13. Negotiation & Conflict Management Group (NCMG)
14. Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC)
15. Abuja Multi-Door Courthouse (AMDC)
16. Aina Blankson & Co. (Legal practitioners)
17. Mr. Kehinde Aina
18. New Maritime Security Company, Abuja, Lagos
19. Ellizy Homes & Shelter Limited
20. LCV Consulting, South Africa, US
21. CrestHill Engineering Limited, Nigeria
22. CrestHill Engineering Limited, Cote D’Ivoire
23. CrestHill Engineering Limited, Guinea Conakry
24. Premium Project Limited, Nigeria
25. Premium Project Limited, Rwanda
26. Mr. Suleiman Aminu
27. Kaduna General Hospital Project
28. WealthTech LLC, USA, Canada
29. Alhaji Turaki Sanusi Bala
30. InterTrust Associates Limited/The Lekki Commercial Hub
31. IC Global Microfinance Bank plc.

Among several other distinguished persons and outstanding organizations we could have mentioned in place of the above amazing ones.
We appreciate you!

Until we meet next time, brace yourself for a super-prosperous and abundant 2023!

Thank you, and best regards.

Babatunde Odutola

MetroSculpters Consulting
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